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HTC Desire HD No WiFi

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lovetosponge, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. lovetosponge

    lovetosponge Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Recieved the Desire HD yesterday but it won't connect to my Wifi (although it says it is connected) as when I try to access the market, web browser, gmail it won't connect unless I switch on my 3G connection. Frustrating as I wanted to download maps and really can't do this on my mobile content allowance. Anyone had the same problem??

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  2. arlrb

    arlrb Android Enthusiast

    So you set it up no problem? (entered network key blah blah)

    Do you have the wifi symbol at the top of the screen?

    Is everything else that uses your wifi ok?
  3. MrPie

    MrPie Well-Known Member

    Should work. Does the wifi icon appear on the top of your phone?

    If you still can't get it to work. Then i suggest contacting HTC.
  4. lovetosponge

    lovetosponge Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes the icon appears, all my other appliances wifi work (lapop, xbox, ipod touch). Utterly clueless as why this has happened!
  5. strange but try and change the channel on your wifi router :) Worth a go...
  6. kwamz44

    kwamz44 Lurker

    I've had exactly the same problem with the desire hd I got 2 days ago. Since I got the ROM update. The tech support at both HTC and 3 are rubbish aswell and have no idea what the problem is. Luckily u arranged for a replacement, but it is rather worrying that someone else had the problem.
  7. tarr.levi

    tarr.levi Lurker


    i have problem with wifi too. the phone connects the web via wifi but it can't open every pages and downloads do not work. with 3g and mobilnet everything is fine, surfing the web and downloads work perfectly.

    my laptop and my i8000 omnia 2 work with wifi.
    what is the solution? maybe i should send back the phone and demand replace it...
  8. ATGardner

    ATGardner Guest

    I am also having a similar problem with my Desire HD - can not connect to wifi in my office, even though other smart phones (including Galaxy S, WinMo6.5 and Iphone 3 and 4) and laptops are able to connect.

    Sometimes it just insists that the network is out of range. Then I click on "Forget" and re-scan to find it again, select it, put in the (doubly-checked) proper password, and then it connects.
    Many times it will connect and then immediately disconnect. After several times I click on Connect again, it will remain connected. Clicking on it shows me it has an excellent/good signal strength, as well as a proper IP for it.
    The wireless icon at the top of the screen is on, but on it it appears that there is no signal at all (all the half-circles are grayed out).
    The end result - I can not surf the web with any application.

    Is it a common Desire HD problem? Or maybe some hidden checkbox somewhere that is causing these problems? Perhaps an incompatible app is to blame?

    Another important note - the wireless works just fine at my home. Both locations have a wireless G with WPA2 passphrase.

    Sorry, just checked it again, and now it works in my office.
    I think I was playing with checking for updates (while connecting to the net through USB) - there were none. Also at one time I unchecked the "Best Wi-Fi performance" checkbox at the advanced wireless setting (I think it was a while ago, but maybe it made the difference)
  9. pollypally

    pollypally Lurker

    My Wi-Fi used to work and the network is saved, but now it constantly says 'out of range'. It insists that there is an open network nearby but with a weak signal, but if there is it isn't mine.

    This just stopped working over the last couple of days and has been working flawlessly over the past week or so since I've had the phone.

    I've rebooted the phone and turned the Wi-Fi network on and off but had no success thus far.
  10. mark.adams

    mark.adams Lurker

    I had this problem initially, the phone would connect to wifi then drop the connection, then reconnect and so on.
    I am using a cisco 877w router with mac filtering dhcp IP's and wpa
    If i input the static IP in the phone, it connects instantly after putting in the wpa passphrase.
    However, at work we have an open guest network and once i have disabled the static IP, the DHD connects to the guest network with no problems.
    Any ideas??
  11. Zob1960

    Zob1960 Lurker

    I'm finding that my Desire HD needs to be within 10 feet of the router to pick up a signal. My laptop and old Nokia can pick up the same wifi network outside the house. IMHO I think it is a flaw with the design of the antenna.
  12. dan.c

    dan.c Lurker

    hi everyone, i know this is about the wifi but i am having trouble with my mobile network (htc desire hd)

    i have been on the phone and done all the turn on/off, take sim card out, put in another phone etc. but to no avail!

    i am new to android and htc, do i actually have to set up the APN when i get the phone? should it already be setup (to vodafone AU) when i get it?

    any help greatly appreciated!

  13. cam110

    cam110 Lurker

    i had a similar problem to many of you in that my lovely new htc desire hd was not seeing my wifi router like many descriptions in this forum, however I had a stroke of luck in that I entred my dlink router on my pc initially searching for a wep number, and to my amazement the phone started seeing the wifi ssid and worked like a charm! I have no idea why this happened but I felt compelled to share this with you people that are suffering that maybe try the router I just logged on with a browser using the default gateway in the dlink default password request typed user name 'admin' with no password went into the eprom poked around not really doing anything as it was in chinese and for some reason the htc desire hd started to see the wifi network. I know this sounds a bit lame and I would suggest to find the WEP nomber but it appears that it is the router..I read this forum before I got lucky so I just thought I might share this with you in the hope that some one else may have the same luck
  14. jetmaroo

    jetmaroo Lurker

    I am experiencing the following issue on my wifes HTC DHD. She's on orange not that I think it matters.

    - Internet works fine over 3g network

    - Wifi connects and works once the wifi search is done and once network key is entered

    - wifi logo remains at top of screen however after a time it will not connect to the internet unless wifi is disabled and re-enabled.

    - router works fine for all other devices 2 wired pc's, wireless laptop, iphone 3g, nokia n95 8g and wii console.

    Any ideas?
  15. mark.adams

    mark.adams Lurker

    May not be the answer for everyone but for me it was the router, I had a cisco 877W router and my DHD kept connecting and dropping connection instantly, however if set a static IP on the phone it was fine.
    Changed the router to a Netgear DG834 and everything works as it should
  16. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    Those with problems, you haven't set your router to 'Hide' the SSID have you? I've read somewhere this can cause problems. I have a Draytek (with a visible ssid) and have never had any problems. It also connects to the phone no matter where in the house I am.

  17. Quatermass

    Quatermass Newbie

    I'm a IT engineer and I own a Desire HD running V2.2.1 and I've seen my HTC wifi die during the day or overnight. I would often have to tap off/on my wifi icon to get it to come back to life.

    I suspect its the power-down mode is not allowing it to come back up quickly enough for the app.

    Take a look at the WiFi Sleep Policy option. Try setting it to 'Never' or 'Never when plugged in' instead of 'After 15 mins' and see if that improves things.

    Try switching on the 'Best WiFi performance' option on.

    Lastly if they don't work, I suggest setting the WiFi static ip address with predefined DNS servers, gateway, netmask etc. as this will stop the DHCP negotiation delay.

    Though this is a pain if you use your Desire in other WiFi spots. But you only need to uncheck the 'Use static ip' option if you go outside the home.

    Tips worth trying:
    *The Wifi antenna is mounted inside the battery cover, so ensure it is fitted correctly(!) and your hand isn't over this area!

    *Ensure you set the Router to a channel which is unused in your area.
    You can use the app Wifi Analyzer to discover if there is a local Wifi using a nearby similar channel. If there is change the channel.

    *Try altering the channel number. Alter in blocks of 6, so if you're using channel 1, use channel 6. A lot of devices in the home cause high frequency interference these days, remote control devices, video or cable devices. Even a small shift can clear the dead spot.

    *Interference or multi-path errors may not be apparent in your router but these can seriously reduce throughput in your device. So try in your router to alter the wireless RTS Threshold from the default of 2347 to say 1347. This can improve throughput by sending the packets more often and helps the router and device recover from interference like metallic surfaces causing multi-path signal errors.

    If your router or device can show you 'packet errors' in a log then this will help in diagnostics.

    Last Tip: Try installing the App - "Fix My WiFi", "WiFi Auto ReEnabler", "Wifi Reassociate" or "WiFi Fixer". These apps promises to restart the Wifi when it drops.
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  18. Openeyes

    Openeyes Lurker

    Just bought a Desire HD last week. Thought I was using wifi because the icons and connections were showing good. Yesterday I noticed I couldn't do anything when I turned off 3G. I went through all the problems everyone else had in this thread. Two hours later...success!
    Here is what my phone setup is:
    Went to WIFI settings
    Pressed MENU and selected ADVANCED
    Best WIFI is checked (not critical)
    No checkmark in Use Static IP
    DLNA auto-IP is unchecked. (may not be critical)
    The real solution with the phone set up in this manner was my router.
    I had to increase my maximum number of users.
    I have the linksys NTC300N and had so many connections there was no spot for the phone to connect.
    I hope my solution works for you
  19. Quatermass

    Quatermass Newbie

    Cute, so your DHCP settings were set too low. :)
  20. Finnbjerke

    Finnbjerke Newbie

    My HTC desire Z does not connect to Belkin Wireless router N1, the Belkin support claims they are "not comptabile with HTC" I do hope Android 2.3 can deal with this - its just not good enough. Android 2.1 seems to work with belkin wireless but Android 2.2 does not. Im not sure if its a software or hardware problem or both.
    Samsung + Android 2.1 connects to Belkin Wireless
    HTC desire + Android 2.2 does not ..

    HTC desire + Android 2.2 does connect to other wireless modems... rather diaspointing belkin is not connecting
  21. Quatermass

    Quatermass Newbie

    Must a bug in Belkin then as if the Android device works in others, it should work in theirs.

    You tried the various hardware wi-fi settings in the Android software?

    I do have problems with my HTC Desire HD (V2.2.1) and my Netgear or Linksys wireless routers. I found out there is a Wi-fi bug in v2.2 and installing the 'Wi-Fi Fixer' App fixed it for me. :)

    The connection would drop every few minutes otherwise.

    Worth a try?
  22. longun

    longun Lurker

    I'm finding the wifi very poor on the DHD. I've also got an iPhone 4 and did a walk around the house both running wifi analyser.

    Results were surprising. Everywhere in the house the iPhone stuck at -52dBm bar one room where it dropped to -60dBm

    The DHD went from -40dBm down to -97dBm to completely dropping the wifi in a room where the iPhone didn't. The range really is poor. I'm running a custom ROM so can't turn on the boost in advanced setting that comes with SenseUI but I am tempted to flash back to standard just to see.

    I'll upload a video to youtube tomorrow showing the problem.
  23. rad304

    rad304 Newbie

    Does the wifi icon appear on the top of your phone... if it does try this

    Go to advanced settings in wifi settings... put in the values(dns, gateway..etc) manually..it will work
  24. rad304

    rad304 Newbie

    the wifi on my ipod is very poor compared to my DHD..there are places in my house where i dont get even a single bar on my ipod but my DHD shows atleast 2 bars...even when i run speedtest i get results almost similar to what i get on my desktop(connected with a lan cable)..i think u should get your DHD checked.. it could be a hardware issue
  25. Quatermass

    Quatermass Newbie

    Wi-Fi Tips:
    Just remember to not to cover up the right hand side of the Desire as that is where the Wi-Fi aerial is housed. Makes quite a difference. :)

    Have you also checked that there is no other Wi-Fi signal in the area using a similar channel? I use the Wifi Analyser app to do this.

    Have you tried turning off the 'b' part of the Wi-Fi via your router?
    This can free up traffic.

    If your router has two aerials, make one of them horizontal, the other vertical. This helps bouncing the radio waves through rooms.

    Is there a wireless video/audio sender in the area? These often run at 2.4GHz and can seriously affect Wi-Fi.

    You can can either add silver foil dishes to the wi-fi aerials to concentrate the waves towards an area of the house or if your aerials are detachable. Add better aerials.

    Lastly if all fails, get yourself a Wi-Fi repeater box. This relays and boosts the Wi-Fi in weak parts of the house.

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