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htc desire hd

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ramupardhu123, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. ramupardhu123

    ramupardhu123 Lurker
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    My name Is Ramu

    My phone details are as below -

    Sep 7 2011, 19:06:24

    Phone Current Possible specs -
    Android Version - 2.3.5
    HTC sense version - 3.0
    software number - 3.13.720.2
    Kernel version - - (Not sure about this one)
    baseband version -
    Build number - 3.13.720.2 CL208029 - (Not sure about this one)

    Here is the situation -

    My Non-Rooted HTC DHD somhow got stuck yesterday morning, after i woke up. No idea why it happened and everything. I tried pulling out battery and restarting, also tried recovery but not help - it was stuck on 'HTC - quitely brilliant' splash screen.

    So I went ahead and tried to factory-reset it from Vol-Down + Power button. The process rather ended quickly than anticipated (I have done this earlier once so know that it cant be so fast). Post this, after every reboot now, the phone takes very long on splash screen, and eventually goes up to HTC wallpaper (the colorful one) but no controls are loaded and nothing happens (not even any error message). it cant be shut down unless i pull out the battery.

    So after this has happened, i also tried to see what happens in HBOOT -> FastBoot -> BootLoader and it showed me this error -
    SD Checking ...
    Loading ... [PD98DIAG.ZIP]
    No Image!

    So assuming that perhaps I need the correct ROM file, I started looking up on forums and tried below 2 RUU EXE files (with HTC Stock ROMs)-
    1. RUU_ACE_HTC_WWE_1.32.405.6_Radio_12.28b.60.140e_26 .03.02.26_M_release_155891_signed.exe
    2. RUU_ACE_Sese30_s_htc_wwe_3.12.405.1_radio_12.65.60 .29_26.14.04.28_m_release_225512_signed.exe

    Well after running the first RUU.exe, I got a little wiser (I guess!) and understood that the RADIO version for RUU should match with my phones RADIO. So i tried the second one, which made me further wiser and i understood that the ROM Version in RUU should also match my phones current version.

    Now after all this knowledge, when I tried to found an RUU/ ROM with
    3.13.720.2 and Radio v, I am not able to get any file which suits my need.

    1. Can someone please help me to understand, which ROM can be used to restore my phone to working condition (and if my analysis so far is correct or not)?
    2. What would be the correct way to restore my phone to working condition, if I am doing something wrong?

    So plz can anybody help me for slove my phones prblm

    plz plz...............

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  2. El Presidente

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    Hi Ramu, I've moved your post to the Desire HD section, the guys here will be in the best position to assist! :)

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