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HTC Desire icon size

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by samwillc, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. samwillc

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    Hi everyone, is there a way of making the icons bigger on the homescreens? I use launcherpro plus and shortercut, I'm delighted with the phone but this is the only problem. The icons are tiny and there's so much free space on the screen? Using a widget surely isn't the answer, the icons must be scalable?

    Iphone makes much better use of the screen, obviously I didn't want an iphone as I prefer the desire apart from the icons issue. There are massive spaces left and right of the icons and they could all probably be about 10 pixels bigger in all directions than they are. I thought removing the text under the icons (via launcherpro plus) would result in the icon size increasing but all this does is make the gaps even bigger! Can this be done or does the phone scale down the icons to a predetermined size whatever the size you try and use?

    I know you can use 5 icons across to squeeze some more in, but 4 across is enough, for me though they could be bigger. Anyone got any ideas/suggestions? (other than get an iphone...) Thanks :)

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