Help HTC Desire messaging problem?


Hi everyone

Im a newbie and in desperate need for help. Got HTC Desire a couple of days ago. When I receive a message the full message shows up on my screen which I hate. Having looked online at the user guide I switched off the received notification and although it stops the message showing I no longer get a message alert or vibration?? Can anyone please help me??


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You need to switch the notification back on..
When you say it appears on the screen are you talking about the messages widget thats on the screen all the time? If so you can remove it by long pressing on it and dragging to remove. You can then get to your messages by opening the messages app from in programs.

If thats not the case can you give any more detail? I take it you are are using the standard message app?
Do you mean that the full message appears on the lock screen? If so then I would recommend downloading Chompsms from the android market. It is free.

It is an SMS app that allows you to hide the incoming message on the lock screen but still vibrate when you receive a text. You can use it alongside the stock messaging app in case you don't want to use Chomp as your default option.

You can also use a program called Handcent but I personally prefer Chompsms as they regularly update it and the quick reply options look much more polished. The only benefit of Handcent in my opinion is that you can change the flashing LED colour but chomp is supposedly getting this in a future update.

Hope this helps!