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HTC Desire PC Sync issues.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by dermotomahony, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. dermotomahony

    dermotomahony New Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 20, 2010
    HTC Desire PC Sync issues.
    PC & Desire connect when Sync initiated from either the phone or desktop icon. PC Sync will display my phone setting and information but it will not sync. The Sync button in Green in the top right hand corner of the Sync program does not respond to mouse click.
    Have installed HTC Sync 3.0, uninstalled, reinstalled it - from the HTC website, removed other old mobile applications ie Nokia. I have changed the USB ports etc etc. It has worked once, when I first installed the software and not since then. Also I have USB debugging activated and the phone defaulted connection type: HTC SYNC.
    Help please as this issue has been active now since I got the Desire 3 weeks ago.


  2. vogon55

    vogon55 Member

    May 8, 2010
    First try this:
    1 boot PC from start, Desire switch off and on
    2 connect Desire via USB to PC and chose Settings/Connect to PC/Default connection type/Disk drive - now you should see your SD card in Desire as an external drive in file explorer on your PC - this is just to ascertain that your mini USB port on Desire and cable are OK (and this way you can copy/transfer any files to & fro)

    just for safety sake repeat 1
    2 first start HTC Sync, then connect Desire via USB, chose Settings/Connect to PC/Default connection type/HTC Sync
    3 HTC Sync should recognize your phone (and ask you to name it if you wish to do so), also on your Desire Sync should be the same software version as on PC
    4 In HTC Sync chose what you want to sync (phonebook, calendar, bookmarks, pics, etc) and the way for conflict issue (PC to phone or phone to PC only or both ways)

    REMEMBER: when done press disconnect in HTC Sync on your PC and use "Safely Remove Hardware" option in sys tray on your right taskbar corner before disconnecting your Desire

    - next time you connect to HTC Sync green bar will probably start automatically

    Sorry to say this, but HTC Sync (made by Swedish company Teleca) is much to be desired.... in spite of chosing "sync PC to Phone only" it sometimes backfires somehow & messes up some of your outlook calendar & group contacts, it has no option for sync Notes, calendar back option only 1 year, etc.)

    Good luck!

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