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HTC Desire 'People' vs Google Contacts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gplowther, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. gplowther

    gplowther Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for the noob question but this is driving me mad....

    I had a Palm Treo 680 and upgraded to a HTC Desire, that was the easy bit.

    Now I've got to grips with most parts but am having trouble with my contacts....

    I have exported my palm contacts to a csv file and am now trying to mangle it all into the right format.

    I have gone into gmail, made a contact and exported it to find the csv field names. I have found that if I make a address (postal type), it appears in the google exported csv as "Address 1 - Formatted" - all appears fine in gmail.

    If I go to the Desire, it all appears in the "Street" field.

    If I make a contact with a postal address, fill in the "Street", "City", "State" & "ZIP" - now all appears fine in the phone but in gmail, no address is shown.

    So to summarize, can I have a contact's postal address that shows correctly in gmail and also fills the fileds out correctly in the People part of the HTC Desire?

    Am I doing something wrong, can I get round it with a different "contacts" app or is this 'just the way it is??'

  2. fletchem

    fletchem Member

    I have this very same issue - alas I don't think there is a way round it. I ended up editing some on GMail and some in the phone... I wish GMail Contacts and Android Contacts spoke to each other a little better
  3. jay_kay

    jay_kay Android Enthusiast

    I have learnt only to use gmail contacts as mine got really messed up with using both.

    I enter all my addresses in there and whenever i have had to use them e.g navigation it has always worked perfectly.

    I find it easiest to add all new contacts to gmail contacts and to edit from the PC within gmail. I would transfer everything to Gmail and do it all on one place.

    Hope this helps.
  4. gplowther

    gplowther Lurker
    Thread Starter

    If there isn't a workaround for gmail, does anyone have any suggestions of any other method of syncing between a pc/browser view and the android phone - a bit like the old Palm desktop and Treo 680 or as I had been planning gmail. I don't mind if it's a specific program on the PC, just want a none phone based backup/lookup method.

    BTW I don't run Microsoft software (apart from WinXP) so Outlook is out - I run with Open Office and Thunderbird - but if it needs me to buy some other software then this may still be an option (but REALLY don't want to have to buy any MS stuff)
  5. victorc

    victorc Lurker

    Yes..i think thats they way it is... I was using a Nokia 5800 previously and i synced my contacts from symbian to outlook regularly. Subsequently i exported all contacts to Gmail when i switched over to Android (HTC Legend). What i discovered was that instead of having to identify postcode,city and state as previously i did in Outlook. In Google contact they were all grouped as address....but in hindsight whats the benefit of separating into streets, city, state...etc... i have never used them in that manner anyway.The only reason we did so was because it was easier to search the information that way. But now searching via google contact is so much easier than before..so to me its no longer a necessity to keep address so complicated.
  6. gplowther

    gplowther Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Firstly, thanks for everyone's replies - it's much appreciated...

    The only reason I have a slight 'problem' with the way it's working is due to how it's displayed on the phone - with all the data being in one field, I can't see the full address as the app on the phone doesn't appear to resize it's field window relative to the data that's in it - so it looks like I have 2 alternatives;

    1, I can look at the data on the PC (using gmail) and assume it's correct on the phone - as I also couldn't find a way of stepping forwards or backwards a character at a time on the keypad, only by clicking on the field box at the right place (difficult when it doesn't displays the full field).

    2, Enter it and view it on the phone and assume it's correct on the PC (it does still export from gmail ok).

    Either way it means that I can only look at the data at one place.

    Sorry it sounds petty but I have been used to being able to look at the data on a PC and a phone for the last 6+ years and it all just feels like a bit of a backward step.
  7. fletchem

    fletchem Member

    I have just been playing with the new GMail interface (launched in the last 12 hours) and it still only gives one large box for addresses rather than the separate boxes on the phone.

    Has anyone discovered a field tag - maybe a colon or semi colon - that you can use in the GMail interface to indicate a new field - which would then transfer over to the phone?
  8. gplowther

    gplowther Lurker
    Thread Starter

    OK, found as close as a solution as I can for the moment i.e. until google or someone makes things compatible. Here's my plan...

    • enter, where possible, addresses on gmail so that they view correctly in gmail.
    • install Phonebook 2.0 off android market (free by Voxmobili - OnMobile, searched for phonebook and it was about the top entry)
    • use Phonebook 2.0 instead of People for viewing contacts as then you can see the full address

    I haven't decided whether to use it instead of the 'phone' section for dialling yet.
    It looks up the same contact info, so no problem backing up.

    The only downside is that it still uses the default fields to enter the address, so you can run out of characters in the field on the phone (still shows correctly on gmail if entered there originally though).

    I have tried exporting as vcards from gmail to see how to jump to the next field, but not found anything to work as yet.

    At least I can now see the full address on the phone and on the PC - getting better but it still feels like a bit of a hack - here's hoping htc/google/apps will all speak the same language soon!!

    Still can't understand why Google would match in with an industry standard on this.
  9. fletchem

    fletchem Member

    I have just done a search on the web and this is a universal problem... does any one know how to propagate a feature request through to Google?
  10. gplowther

    gplowther Lurker
    Thread Starter

    sorry don't know but if you manage to get a way, let me know and I'll second the request - along with a few others I'm sure.
  11. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Android Enthusiast

    Adding a Google Contact in the People app

    I added a new contact in the People app today and was surprised to find there was no field to add a web address and there wasn't one under Edit > Others > Add more info. If I add a web address to a contact in Gmail it displays the Website field in the contact's details under Information on the phone in the People app and if I edit a contact on the phone that has a web address, the Website field is underneath Nickname and can be amended. It is a bit pointless though, because you can't interact with it; I expect to press it and it open the link in the browser, but it doesn't do anything. Either way it's annoying I can't add this information on the phone, so it syncs to Google Contacts.

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