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HTC Desire questions before buying

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dylantherabbit, May 23, 2010.

  1. dylantherabbit

    Thread Starter

    I always joked with my clients that they're addicted to their Crackberry's and that I'd never get one.

    However, the realization that I do actually need one for work prompted me to look at what was out there, and the iphone 3gs seemed like the machine for me.

    However, researching the net put me onto the Desire, which for all intents and purposes looks to be a better phone (although it's not available in Dubai yet so I can't get my hands on one to try it out). They'll be selling them here later in the year, and they'll be unlocked.

    However, I'm trying to find out if it can do the following before I take the plunge, so if anyone can help me, I'd be grateful.

    1) I need it to be able to handle a PPTP VPN setup. I use Unblock VPN to use Skype on my PC, and want to do the same on the phone. The iphone will do this by the way.

    2) I use Outlook for my e-mails, calendar and contacts, and want to be able to sync the phone and computer together. My PC runs XP-64bit.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



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  2. joemoe90

    joemoe90 Newbie

    i got a desire about 3 days ago and its got vpn network on it and u can have puch email on the phone im using it with a normal internet email provider (mail.com) so i dont know if it will work with outlook but u can choose between "Exchange ActiveSync" and "pop3/imap (which is the one i use for my mail.com and hotmail acounts)"

    hope some of this helps
  3. dylantherabbit

    Thread Starter

    Cheers Joe.


    I guess it's all hypothesis now, as I just found out from HTC that the Desire won't be launched in the Middle East. Duh. Why? No explanation..

    And if I bought one from abroad, the nice people at HTC Middle East wouldn't honour the warranty. :mad:
  4. runamonk

    runamonk Well-Known Member

    I use mine for work (Exchange), Gmail (Push) and it works well. It does have VPN on it but I've not had a need to use it. I don't need to connect my office via my phone.

    The only thing I've noticed that I don't like is that i cannot search our company address books for outlook, which appears to be coming in the 2.2 update. So once that happens I will be totally happy.

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