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HTC Desire review from a first time smart phone buyer.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by manwell, May 31, 2010.

  1. manwell

    manwell Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well, this is my first post and as the title states i finally took the step to buy a smart phone and the old Nokia 6120 classic is headed for the drawer.

    I was tossing up between the Iphone and the HTC Desire. Not really wanting to be an Isheep and after reading all the good reviews of the Desire on the net i decided to go with it.

    First up i'll address the main point i was worried about..... battery life.
    All the people saying they get less than a day with theirs made me worry. But after thinking about my useage compared to others i decided it would hopefully be fine. After getting mine about 5 days ago and charging it up overnight i can say that i didnt really have anything to worry about.
    I got through my first day (friday) with a couple of phone calls, played around with it for half an hour at lunchtime, then probably another hour or two of constant use when i got home playing with the settings, widgets etc. It then continued trucking on till the following day (Saturday) where i played around for another hour or so in the morning until about 11am when it started to get low. That was when the battery warning came up on the screen. So i got about 30 hours out of it on the first charge and by the sounds of some other posts this will get a bit better.
    Without all the time messing around with the new toy and the battery settling in id say i'll be getting at least 2 days without a charge in the future.

    I realise other people use theirs a whole lot more at work but i have a radio in my car i listen to on the way to work so no mp3 needed and a phone in the office i use, but if your like me and just a casual user to make a few calls and send a few texts, check the weather out and surf the net a bit it will be fine. I realise that im not using it to its full potential, but thats fine with me.

    Just to note i dont have bluetooth, wi-fi or the GPS on.
    99% of my week i know exactly where i am and where im going, so i dont know why i need to be draining my phones battery for it to be giving me constant updates.
    If i do need it, its easily switched on.
    I also dont have any of the email/facebook/twitter things running giving me constant updates. Ive lived so far without being updated that "Kelly has just had the best morning coffee EVER!!!", no need to start now :)
    If i need my email i can just go to the yahoo or gmail site via the net.
    Finally i have the screen brightness on the middle of the 3 levels which hasnt been an issue, even outside (although it has been quite dark and rainy here in Sydney the last few days.)

    The 7 home screens are great, even if ive only used up 5 of them :)

    Only issue i have had with is so far is in the maps. When im at work its fine and shows me in the correct area, but when im at home it gives me a wrong location a couple of hundred kilometers south of where i am.
    If i turn on the GPS it locks onto my location exacly, but with GPS off it obviously has an issue with the triangulating software from the phone towers or however they do it. I do know im not alone on that as i have seen some other posts from people saying its giving a wrong location.
    Anyway, not a major issue as i said it easily fixes itself when i flick the GPS on, so i'll just do that if im ever lost.

    Just aquestion or two.
    When i get a call a big green Android pops up on my screen. As i dont have photos for every one of my friends for to put in its place, can i just get rid of him and have it come up with just their name?

    With the bookmarks widget, mine came preloaded with some sport pages, HTC, AccuWeather etc. already on it. I can work out how too add bookmarks, but i cant find out how to remove the ones im not interested in.

    Anyway, im enjoying it so far and if there are any other issues or thoughts ill let you know.

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  2. twisted_mind

    twisted_mind Member

    Welcome to the android family :)
  3. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    As for removing bookmarks - with the browser press menu then bookmarks then menu again then delete - you can then select the bookmarks you want to remove

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