HTC Desire S app downloads and installs but cannot move it or use it


I am new with this stuff. On my HTC Desire S I downloaded an application from the HTC Hub. HTC Hub gives me the message "installed" and it appears in the downloads list on the phone. It appears in the Settings sublist for "manage applications." But when I try to move it to my home screen using the "Add to screen" menu it does not appear under either Applications or Widjet. What am I missing here please.


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Hi Nedwils and welcome to Android Forums. :ciao:

I was going to say it was a widget but I see you tried that. I'm not very familiar with HTC but you can check in with the HTC Desire S forum. Maybe someone there would have a better idea.


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Thank you for the welcome. I hope that eventually I will be able to do more for this forum than ask inane questions.

Following is a more complete description of my problem.
HTC Desire S- s510e:
(I originally called the download an application because The HTC Hub calls it a widget but then the phone lists it as an application in its submenu under "Settings)."

I have downloaded the free widget "Quick Record" from HTC Hub. It is successfully installed, according to the Hub message next to the icon in the Hub's widgets list. But does not appear on the widget or applications lists when I do an "Add to Screen" or "View All." I see it listed as an application under "settings > applications" but do not see it when I press the green down arrow "Downloads" icon. As far as I can tell everything else is working well on my phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this item. So, "Quick Record" is apparently on the phone and installed but it does not make itself available for being run.