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Support HTC Desire Sync problem (Vista Business)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bemula55, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. bemula55

    bemula55 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 26, 2010

    After spending 5-6 hours reading internetforums i try to post my own tread to solve my problem.

    I have just bought an HTC Desire but i cant make the sync with HTC sync work. After af search of approximatitely 15 seconds a popup on the phone says that it can't find HTC sync on the computer. The USB connection works fine for file sharing. In my hardware monitor (dont know the english word for the window, but that in Control Panel -> System ->??? where you can see all attached devieces) i see a deveice called "My HTC" with a yellow exclamation triangle. I suspect the problem is here, but dont know has to solve it. The HTC sync has all button disabled so i cannot access the "Repair tool" i think there is in the sync manager.

    So here is what i have tried so far.

    - Disable all firewall(none), antivirus (Norton) and Spyware protection (AdAware) before installing HTC sync.
    - Used "Run" -> "msconfig" to disable all non-MS processes and remove all starting app. Then restarted the computer and reinstalled (suggest to HTC to another user)
    - Downloaded the newest version of HTC sync from htc.com
    - Also tried with the original version of HTC sync supplied with the phone
    - Maked sure that the software version of my phone is up to date. (1.21.405.2)
    - Swithing between my four USB ports on the laptop of which at least some are USB 2.0 (some forum tread say that it HAS to be USB 2.0)
    - Manually copied the drivers from Programfiles to System32
    - Tried to replace the driver with those of HTC hero
    - Actived "USB debugging" on the phone
    - Actived "Always awake" on the phone

    All without any luck. There is no changes at all.

    Have you guys any suggest for what causes my problem?



  2. rotbaer

    rotbaer New Member

    Jul 4, 2010
    Hi Nicolai

    Exact same problem with a Vista Business Installation and a Desire. It has the Windows Mobile Sync Tool installed and drivers for Nokia Phones, which we did not want to uninstall for now because still in use until the Desire Sync will work.

    Installing HTC sync with admin-privileges did not help. We have done everything with 2 phones, it is definately on the computer side. Also, it works on WinXP and Win7 enterprise.

    Found a thread on Facebook (HTC Desire Sync problem | Facebook it was mentioned that uninstalling the two solved the problem. Have you tried that?


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