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HTC Desire Unlock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DeanoDroid, May 26, 2010.

  1. DeanoDroid

    DeanoDroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone,

    just ordered my HTC Desire on T-Mobile, but i want to unlock it to use my 02-UK SIM,

    If I unlock it will i lose HTC Sense UI??

    Many thanks


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  2. scollie

    scollie Guest

    No you won't lose Sense UI. Unlocking doesn't change any of the phones functionality, it just allows you to swap your SIM.
  3. marnstars

    marnstars Lurker

    scollie - similar position. where's the best place to get the code. I'm confused with neg feedback on some of the providers. Appreciate your help.
  4. scollie

    scollie Guest

    I bought my Desire already unlocked from Mobile Phones Direct so I'm not able to say where the best place to get your phone unlocked is - sorry!

    I just know that unlocking it won't affect Sense UI.
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  5. marnstars

    marnstars Lurker

    Cheers scollie - went for HTCsimUnlock.com and got a response in 3 hrs and it unlocks fine. Now to find the APN settings for my new sim! Any ideas folks?
  6. Woolie

    Woolie Lurker

    Telus is planning to release this phone in july or august but I really can't wait. Buying an unlocked HTC will not affect any feature or functionality of the phone? (I know it won't affect sense but maybe mms or some other misc feature?)
  7. kevin.92

    kevin.92 Lurker


    I have just used HTCCode.com to unlock my HTC Desire and im delighted :-D

    I was sceptical at first not knowing who was reliable or not, with mixed views being aired about several different people who provide unlocking services. However im proud to say that HTCCode.com are fantastic especially the customer service with Sudarshan talking me successfully through the whole process.

    I would recommend them, based on my experiences, to anyone looking to unlock their phone.
  8. Barrymiller

    Barrymiller Lurker

    HTC Desire SIM-Unlock Utility [Archive] - xda-developers
    don't purchase a code for the love of god there are ways to do it for FREE. I just unlocked my phone in 20 mins mainly because im a noob or would have taken 2 min if i didn't have to research it and go through sites with idiots telling me to buy. Use link at top of page Download the app you have to read there is a link/ he posted the sites, then mount ISO, burn to disk, then in start up f2 menu tell comp to boot from disc and follow instructions. done any sim will do now.
  9. nikkkk

    nikkkk Lurker

    i have forgotton my password to unlock my htc desire how can i change it
  10. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    No no no no no

    its free

    HTC Desire SIM-Unlock Utility - xda-developers
  11. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    Please don't reply, bait or criticize other posters even if they are posting inappropriate material. Simply report them and move on. The staff will address it within the framework of the site rules.

    Thank you.
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  12. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Hi Evangeline,

    For the Desire those sites are not needed. As has been said in posts 8 and 10 of this thread above, there is a free utility which you can use to unlock the phone.

    You are right that it will have no effect on HTC Sense. :)
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  13. athegn

    athegn Android Expert

    Trying the free unlock method on my HTC Desire however it get stuck on Hboot; just many many following dots. Have to remove battery to shut phone down.

    I have checked Settings > Applications > Developement > USB debugging

    I wonder if I need some drivers for the Desire on my Win 7 32bit Dell laptop, if so where can I get some.

    When connect my Desire to my laptop, before running app, I get the 4 choices and choose "Disk Drive". This does work as can see the card in Explorer.

    Any advice please?
  14. athegn

    athegn Android Expert

    After getting:-

    Error 13a: AdbReadEndpointSync returned error 31

    I can, just about font too small, see some commands on my phone. Select simunlock
    words say:-

    FAT32 init OK
    Open MCCMMC file fail
    Open CID file fail
    Process done, reboot device?
    (Vol UP) Yes

    answer yEs but reboots to 02.

    I note that as long as phone stays connected Device Manager shows "Andriod Devices" I assume that these are the drivers loaded by the app?
  15. Bazcabs

    Bazcabs Member

    Make sure you run the software as 'Administrator' (right click .exe file - run as Administrator)

    Hope this helps
  16. athegn

    athegn Android Expert

    Thank you

    Now tried running as administrator but same failure.

    Any more ideas please?
  17. CJ0206

    CJ0206 Newbie

    If you have downloaded the unlocker from XDA Developers site and unpacked it try running adb.exe before HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5.exe it worked for me earlier today.

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