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HTC Desire Voice Calling

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nickcarr, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Nickcarr

    Nickcarr Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All, So I've just received android 2.2 on the desire and like many wanted to use the new voice dialing!!! The only widget I can find is "voice search" but this seems to not be dialing specific and may choose to search the web for you etc. My question: Is there a dialing specific voice command widget, if not how do I do it properly?:thinking:

    I have a parrot bluetooth kit which usually prompts a phone to ask for a voice command. The desire although linked, doesn't seem to respond.

    Any advice is welcome.


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  2. quibble

    quibble Newbie

    Voice dialing (assuming your contacts are google contacts) works through voice search. Just say "Call [name]" or "Dial [name]" and it should work.

    Voice dialing through the bluetooth headset is another thing, though.
  3. Nickcarr

    Nickcarr Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Quibble, I see now that the HTC Desire doesn't sync the contacts properly and as such the search for a name only looks at google contacts. I'm trying to find how to copy my contacts to another destination and then import them back within google mail? As my contact list mostly came from my last non googlemail linked phone, the Desire doesn't find them. Any ideas.
  4. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Android Enthusiast

    There's an app called 'export contacts' or something like that. It saves them in .csv format, which can then be imported in to your google contacts.
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  5. nacatomi

    nacatomi Android Enthusiast

    you can export directly from the people app. just press menu --> import/export --> Export to SD card. You should then be able to delete all your contacts and reimport
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  6. jr4u

    jr4u Lurker

    Hi, I had similar problem with synchronization of HTC Desire Contacts with Parrot MiniKit Slim.
    All my problems were solved after the installation of "Bluetooth File Transfer" utility from Google Market
  7. genedata2

    genedata2 Newbie

    My voice search that came by default with 2.2 couldn't do the voice dialling (like OP said, it searched "call xx" instead of calling the person). Had to download the latest version from the Market and it installed over the default one.
  8. Panama

    Panama Newbie

    I have the latest version according to the market app, but it still won't call someone so I have installed vlingo which seems to work very well.
  9. dukebarbone

    dukebarbone Lurker

    Changing your voice input language to English US should work

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