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HTC Desire Weather Widget on o2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pancholin, May 19, 2010.

  1. pancholin

    pancholin Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Got my new desire a few weeks ago on o2, i am having problems with the HTC weather & flip clock widget (the one you get with it), when i go to the weather settings and set the auto update for every hour (or any interval) i does not save the settings, the auto update is always unchecked when i go back to check.

    Done the usual things remove the widget and added it again to the secreen but still does not work, please help!!


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  2. steveroe

    steveroe Newbie

    I think you need to make sure that the sync settings for the phone are also on, go to settings > accounts & sync and make sure that auto-sync is ticked - this seems to override the weather app setting.
  3. chris100575

    chris100575 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem and the above fixed it. :)
  4. pancholin

    pancholin Lurker
    Thread Starter

    That works great now, thanks for the quick reply & help :):)
  5. Guys tried everything on my desire to make the weather widget work but cannot get any better of it. it doesnt show me the weather updates directly on screen though when u addd the city it gives me the weatehrd etails.its weird. big cities like london are getting the weather widget wrking coz i was there a couple of weeks and everything seemed just perfect...
    pls help me
  6. FGS! what the heck?? after my post i called up htc people to find out Edinburgh and Newcastle are two blackout places where this widget is nt going to perform as it is supposed to... at last i felt like.... oh god! why does this happen to me everytime. i wudnt recomemnd HTC now to anybody in edinburgh. shux.
  7. Dazo

    Dazo Newbie

    Can you not just change to another weather widget ?
  8. mlines

    mlines Newbie

    or look out of the window?
  9. AlastairH

    AlastairH Newbie

    Depends where you are in Edinburgh, mine doesn't work at home (City Centre) but does work at work (Ingliston).
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  10. yepp u r right Alastair. Mine doesnt work anywhere near to city centre and even my place lindsay road but works when i cross cameron toll or as u said ingliston.
    very very strange. do u hav any idea in this regard? y is this happening?
  11. i know that it is the best option to luk out of the window to know the weather condition but then what is the use of maintaining a smartphone with android technology??? doesnt make sense right. i joined this forum to finds ans's to the problems not advises!!! anyways thanx for the reply.
  12. i hav tried doing that. but accuweather is one site wich helps all applications on smartphones and probably i-phones to check the weather and i dont know whats wrong with them in HTC...... wheneva i change the current position it is alrite but when u set edinburgh as ur current location i canni find out the mistake!!!!
  13. Dazo

    Dazo Newbie

    Sorry I am new to smartphones but I am not sure what isn't working for you. I use weatherbug and it seems to work as it should and the weather updates as the day goes on. I am also in Edinburgh.
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  14. oh is it??? hw did u find this weather bug? i mean on android market or as an application from ur servcie provider?
    and u said its wrking right; did u mean u hav the weather effect shown on screen when u unlock ur mobile everytime. for eg: if it is sunny outside the screens shines, if it is rainy rain drops fill the screen and then a wiper wipes the droplets away. is that what u talking abt... i wud be glad if u can tell me hw????
  15. Dazo

    Dazo Newbie

    Posted a pic so you can see this was from yesterday. I use the small widget as you can see from the picture and it shows the weather as it was. Changes as and when the weather does.

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  16. dude u gav me new doubt nw?? :p
    even i hav this widget. to tell u if u travel to sumother place outside edinburgh, the weather widget works very completely and u will be pretty impressed mate.seriously.
    and on the home page,the basic one, u will have desk clock in analog with current location tab under it wich means it has to show the weather updates for the current location(which is edinburgh for us) and when u lock and then unlock ur phne the display is just amazing. i hav experienced it a couple of times and that is y i am striving nw.. :(
  17. Dazo

    Dazo Newbie

    I used the the one that came with the phone when I first got it and it worked perfectly also but it was just to big for me. Had the rain and windscreen wipers on my screen etc. That's why I don't understand what's not working for you.
  18. ohh this is wierd.......
    this is y i said: y does this happen to me always???
  19. skiwiman69

    skiwiman69 Lurker

    Hi there

    My weather/time widget works - sort of.
    At 11pm last night the weather widget was correctly showing where I'm living but also was saying it was partly sunny. Now those good folks in London were gettting a moon picture - me? I was getting a lovely big bold sun with some cloud around it.

    I took the advice on this forum and looked out the window - there was no sun ;)

    Any ideas why London gets a moon when it's dark and I'm getting a sun? Auto-sync is on.
  20. sutton

    sutton Newbie

    Likewise my HTC weather widget sort of works. When I type in Bromley as a location it picks up the data no problem. When I am in Bromley and use the "my location" function its says "location not found". So the data is there, just that it wont pick it up automatically through "my location". Annoying that when I go into London, Manchester or anywhere else picking the weather up through the "my location" function works fine, but not in my home area. Its further annoying that the Beautiful Widget weather app that I bought for one euro works perfectly in Bromley using "my location". So if that little old guy in France who wrote Beautiful Widget can get it working why can't HTC?

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