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HTC Desire will not start

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lewes_chris, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. lewes_chris

    lewes_chris Lurker
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    Hi There

    My HTC Desire has been running happily for over 3 years

    Yesterday I took it out my pocket and saw that instead of the usual 'desktop' I was presented with the hboot screen. Unfortunately, neither the volume up/down buttons nor the power button have any effect on the display so I am unable to select anything. I've removed the battery and re-inserted it several time but to no avail.
    My interpretation of the situation is that the volume down button is stuck closed so that the 'phone goes straight into hboot. I would welcome any other suggestions. For your interest here's the output from 'fastboot getvar all' option of mini-adb:

    INFOversion: 0.5
    INFOversion-bootloader: 0.93.0001
    INFOversion-cpld: None
    INFOversion-microp: 051d
    INFOserialno: HT0B5PL00076
    INFOimei: [Removed by Mod]
    INFOproduct: bravo
    INFOplatform: HBOOT-8x50
    INFOmodelid: PB9920000
    INFOcidnum: T-MOB005
    INFObattery-status: good
    INFObattery-voltage: 3669mV
    INFOpartition-layout: Generic
    INFOsecurity: on
    INFObuild-mode: SHIP
    INFOboot-mode: FASTBOOT
    INFOcommitno-bootloader: dirty-365c78d6
    INFOhbootpreupdate: 11
    all: Done!
    finished. total time: 0.078s


  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    unfortunately my first guess matches yours: volume button stuck will produce both symptoms (boot to hboot and no response from buttons).

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