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htc desire

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Android Question

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    i have a htc desire hd and it has the problem of turning on then staying on the loading screen it is roted i think i have seen all the comments too hold down the volume buttons then it brings up the menu but my volume buttons dont work so does anybody know how to do this fix with out using th volume buttons much appreciated

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  2. Hadron

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    Without the volume buttons it's going to be hard. You can get it into fastboot mode by booting while pressing the back button, but you won't be able to navigate the menu without the volume keys.

    Your best bet is probably to set up fastboot and adb on your computer. If you haven't already, and are using Windows, then this post should help. If you are using a Mac or Linux these are separate downloads (rather than having to install the software development kit) - I think this might help in that case.

    Once you have adb and fastboot installed, boot the phone into fastboot mode and connect to the computer via USB. You should now see "fastboot usb" on the screen. Check that the computer is communicating correctly with the phone by using the command:

    fastboot devices

    which should return the serial number of the phone. If it does, you're good to go.

    Then, what can you do? You could get into the bootloader (hboot mode) by using

    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    but if your volume keys don't work you won't be able to select recovery from the menu (and if you have an old, non-touchscreen recovery, you wouldn't be able to do anything once you are in recovery!). Broken volume keys are very limiting here.

    But you may be able to get into a useful recovery anyway, if the bootloader is unlocked. Download a touch-based custom recovery image for your phone to your computer: there's one in the first post of this thread (look for the phrase "a direct download for a version you can flash via fastboot"). Then with the phone in fastboot mode try the command:

    fastboot boot recovery.img

    where "recovery.img" is the recovery file you downloaded (if the name isn't recovery.img, use whatever the read file name is). If we're lucky this will get you into a recovery app which you can use to clear cache, clear dalvik cache, do a factory reset if necessary, even flash a new ROM. One of those 4 things should fix it (all assuming you are rooted and that any of this is possible).

    If not, you could try:

    fastboot erase cache

    which would wipe the cache partition. If the reason for the bootloop is that something there is corrupt, this will fix it.

    If that's not enough, then

    fastboot erase data

    in addition should be equivalent to a factory reset (i.e. will erase all user-installed apps and user data/settings). If the problem is any of those, this should deal with it, but at the cost of losing all data which aren't backed up.

    Or if all else fails you could try running a ROM Update Utility. This will erase your phone (factory reset) and install a fresh set of official, unrooted software, but if the problem is software/data that ought to fix it. You can find RUUs at shipped-ROMs.com - I believe that the Desire HD has the codename "Ace", in which case you should look here. You need to find one which matches your phone's network (if it's a branded handset) and region, or it won't run. To use one of these, download it to a Windows PC, connect the phone via USB, boot into fastboot mode and run the RUU .exe on the PC.

    Good luck! If you need more, please register and post in our Desire HD forum. That's where you'll find people who are familiar with your device, who should be able to help you out (I know some HTCs, but I've never had to seriously fiddle with an HD).

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