Root HTC DNA Roms


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So....I've searched and searched for roms for the DNA. While I've found a few in my opinion, I haven't found one that stands out enough to switch from my current one. I'm running the NOS m7 Rom. I do really like this rom but knowing that kit kat is out there and sense 5.5 I just can't stay satisfied until January when I can use an upgrade on my account.

So I pose this question, who has what rom and how do you like it and why? Personally viper rom is vastly used by what I've read but is a step down from what I have. Now omni rom is one that I recently read about and watched a video on but there isn't a big amount of information about it that I've found. I know that CM 11 is out there as well. I know as well as anyone who flashes that you should totally wipe your device before a CM rom flash but has anyone tried doing it without a wipe? If so, how did it go? Any issues? I feel like I'm coming across as a newb, and trust me I'm not one. I just want to ask all of the right questions as I've been struggling with this for a good while now and keep sticking with what I got because I can't make up my mind. Hopefully your answers will help me finally make a decision. Thanks ahead of time everyone!