Dec 5, 2009
Hey I work for a company that is promoting HTC Eris for Verizon and HTC. If anyone wants to share some tips with me about the phone itself, the Android OS, or has any news and/comments about all that, it would be appreciated.

Can't wait to play with the phone, this is my first Android phone.:D

Read the stickies at top.

Skim through and look at some of the "beginner" or "new user" threads.

Lots to learn here. Just skim the titles and you'll see what's useful. Look for battery, applications, etc.
welcome to android.
from the first time you see the little guy wave at you till you get to your desktop you should fall in love with it.

just one big tip that does not get stated enough. androids do not like old pc's with usb 1.5 only usb 2.0 with xp or better. other than that most of the other tips are in the stickies.
My thoughts are you need to sell the coolness factor of the Droid Eris. Show folks in actual settings using the phone to get tasks done. Shopping in the store getting prices, looking up restaurants reviews, etc....
Oh and you have to push the htc built in widgets. there is nothing like them in the market. alot try to mimic htc but fall short. it's one of the features that kinda get's left out with advertising and promotions.
could you tell somebody who may know somebody that could get the animated wallpaper on this phone like the HD2 for windows mobile!
i mean if that`s sense we want sense like that :)