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HTC EVO 4G and Insurance Options

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jadoe05, May 23, 2010.

  1. jadoe05

    jadoe05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Someone asked for a thread that informs people of and compares the various forms of insurance available for the EVO. So we can start that up now. This thread is for both info and questions regarding the options. I know that I will miss some options and if anyone wants to help out and add an option that I left out, or correct me if I am misinformed, just do a post preferably with a link and I will add the info to this first post.

    First there is SquareTrade info taken directly from

    More info at

    Next is your Sprint options

    This is true, but I see where the confusion comes in. I believe there are three different things that people call "Sprint insurance" You have the sprint warranty which i'm not sure if it covers water damage. You have sprint's insurance plan which doesn't cover water damage. Then you have the $7 monthly insurance which isn't actually sprint it is assurion. That is the one that covers water damage.

    The warranty is 30 or 60 days i believe

    The sprint insurance which is what you use when going to a store or calling sprint doesn't cover water damage so if you go to a store they won't attempt to "fix" the phone if it has water damage. However i do believe you can (legal or not) get a refurb or discount on a replacement in store.

    The assurion insurance you go to phoneclaim.com or call assurion. They don't fix they only replace. It may be new or refurb and it is the same amount either way. best option to use is lost because if you claim stolen you need a police report and if you claim damage you have to send your phone back.

    More info at


    I know I haven't listed every option. I am in a rush right now and headed out the door. I will be back shortly to add more.


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  2. jadoe05

    jadoe05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  3. KiLo11

    KiLo11 Well-Known Member

    i actually like the bestbuy insurance in my experience because it covered accidentwl damage and i had my hero replaced 3 times since november cuz i can be clumpsy sometimes and all 3 times my hero fell and the screen cracked and i took it to bestbuy and they replaced it on the spot.
  4. aino611

    aino611 Lurker

    I just got my Evo and I decided to get an insurance for it. I was looking around when I found Ensquared phone insurance. I was surprised at what they offer, full accidental damage coverage plus lost and stolen phones! The claim limit was at $1000 so high end phones will be surely covered. I was also impressed on their pricing as I got my 2 year insurance for only $99.99

    I highly recommend Ensquared phone insurance!

    Check them out at http://www.ensquared.com
  5. oldsmoboat

    oldsmoboat Member

    The problem with squaretrade is that they don't offer insurance for lost phones. Sprint does.
    Also, how long would it take to get a replacement phone from them? With Sprint, you'd have one in a day or so.

    I have a squaretrade policy on my camera. I looked at one for my Evo. But, for $24 more I quickly have a replacement phone if I lose mine.
  6. pb pedis

    pb pedis Newbie

    I may be the only idiot on these forums actually paying for two different insurance programs. I have the sprint plan (the total equipment protection plan for $7 a month), and I pay for the best buy plan for each of my two EVO's. I would agree it's overkill to have both plans. However, I have not yet decided which plan is best.

    I had a problem with one of the EVO's, and Best Buy informed me it would take about one month for them to ship, evaluate and determine what they would do (repair or replace) regarding my phone, and in the interim I could pay a deposit to use another lesser phone, or bring in an old phone which they would re-activate. Instead, I walked down the street to a Sprint store which took 45 minutes to conclude I needed a new phone, and they gave me a refurbished phone that looked new and, according to them, included all new hard ware surrounding a refurbished motherboard.

    The sprint plan will cover lost phones, but no more than two claims in one year and you pay a deductible. The Best Buy plan does not cover lost phones and will take a month to evaluate, but if they replace it the phone will be new and there is no deductible or limit to claims during the warranty period (2 years). I guess it depends on what you think the form of your most likely loss will take.
  7. pb4life754

    pb4life754 Lurker

    the manufactures warranty is 1 year doesnt cover physical or liquid damage and if u replace a phone thru asurion it has a warranty on it also thru asurion
  8. edlex

    edlex Android Expert

    I used to use squaretrade until it was brought to my attention, on this forum btw, that it's not insurance at all but instead it's an extended warranty that covers accident/ water damage. If you make a claim the warranty ends and you have to re-sign for another 2 years to protect your phone again. Sprint is definitely the best "real" insurance.
  9. wiltok

    wiltok Newbie

    I have a rider on my homeowners insurance for my EVO, my Ipad and my wife's BlackBerry. The EVO insurance is like $8 for six months with no decuctable for $600 coverage. The insurance company is Auto Owners Ins but I am sure they all offer similar plans. I stopped in my agents office, and the office manager told me when she saw how cheap the insurance was she added a rider to her policy for her own phone. It's a great deal.
  10. oldsmoboat

    oldsmoboat Member

    So, they pay out after a month and you buy a new phone?
  11. wiltok

    wiltok Newbie

    Based on conversation with my rep - there is no waiting period. I lose/break my phone - they give me a check for $600. I can go buy another evo or i suppose cancel and pay etf with cash. I would def get another EVO though!!
  12. I just added a rider to my renter's insurance for my Evo. With a $50 deductible, the premium was only $2/year. I thought that was pretty cheap so I went for it. My insurance company is Amica in case anyone's interested.
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  13. nbm400

    nbm400 Member

    I have insurance from Sprint. Here is what was explained to me via the Sprint rep from #2...

    She said I had 2 insurance options thru sprint.

    Option A: Was $7 a month and covered defects/loss/theft. Will attempt to fix phone if broke, if cannot fix then will replace. No deductible.

    Option B: Was $4 a month and covers the same things as option A, but requires a $100 deductible to get a replacement phone.

    Can anyone verify if this is even close to accurate? I have the $4 a month insurance and am worried I might get a bad surprise if I need to make a claim.
  14. slowment

    slowment Lurker

    If what you say is true, Im gonna go punch a sprint rep in the face. My screen cracked on my Moment 2 weeks ago and it was a $100 deductable to replace it. I did get a new one over night. Just yesterday it fell of a bench in my garage and the screen shattered.....but its still in place so I covered it with clear tape and it still works......
    The 1st time it cracked a sprint rep said its 100.00 for smart phones and 50.00 for all others.
    PS...I have the 7.00 a month plan.
  15. J03

    J03 Android Enthusiast

    The $7 one has a $100 deductible for accidental damage or lose/theft, but no deductible for manufacturer defect.

    I'm not sure what the $4 one is but I vaguely remember it only being an extended manufacturers warranty I believe. I don't think it covers anything accidental.

    Don't punch a sprint rep in the face (at least for that reason). Whoever nbm400 got for a rep is an idiot.
  16. daystrom

    daystrom Member

    I was told that you cannot separate the plans any longer. New users are only offered both services at $7.00 a month.

    I have the insurance but have a call in with my insurance agent about an Inland Marine policy with no perils. I had an inland-marine plan on $5000 worth of camera equipment and it was something like $50 a year with no deductible.
  17. mfenske

    mfenske Lurker

    For those who suggested adding it to their homeowner's policies-you're all on the right track. That's what I do for a living and it's a really great deal to do so. Often times you've much reduced deductible and depending on what company you're with you'll often times have much broader coverage too.

  18. uapyro

    uapyro Newbie

    There was one person who listed their insurance that has a rider, are there any others out there that might could do the same?
  19. TheAndroidWorks

    TheAndroidWorks Android Enthusiast

    I have the $4 a month plan on my EVO, I believe it covers any kind of damage and they will replace it for the $100 deductible. This plan requires that you return your old phone, meaning you are out of luck if it is lost or stolen. I believe the $7 plan will cover a lost or stolen phone for the same deductible.
  20. daystrom

    daystrom Member

    I just contacted my homeowners insurance agent.

    An Inland Marine policy for my Evo with no faults, no perils, $100 deductible is a whopping $18.00 a year. They will basically buy me a BRAND NEW Evo if anything happens.

    Only thing I loose over the Sprint insurance is the extended warranty.
  21. GirlGoneGeek

    GirlGoneGeek Well-Known Member

    Wow, I'm just about to renew my renter's insurance and will DEFINITELY be checking this rider option out! I never would have thought of it - thanks all :)
  22. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    You don't have to wait to renew. Just call them up and add a rider on to your policy for the phone.
  23. Bic101

    Bic101 Member

    Also check with the credit card company you used to buy the Evo. Mine covers 90 days accidental damage, plus extends the original warranty by one year. No charge, no deductible.
  24. mrrob

    mrrob Lurker

    Got rid of insurance from Sprint on my EVO and wife's Galaxy. We have a zero deductible, $600 per phone coverage for $20/year through my home owners insurance. We use Michigan Millers.

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