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HTC EVO 4G: Sprint Accessories Price Guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jvs60, May 28, 2010.

  1. jvs60

    jvs60 Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    or, media dock and cable for just 10 bucks more. weird.

    i'd like to get a look at that charging holster. sounds cool (and chunky). wait til polkadots gets a look at me with a tissue box sized holster on my hip; she won't be able to control herself.
  3. SprintFun

    SprintFun Android Expert


    I may have to get the dock for $40, assuming it charges while inside too.

    Edit: Don;t forget Sprint Premier customers, I think you get 25% off at official Sprint stores too.
  4. Sassy_Lina

    Sassy_Lina Well-Known Member

    That is old. Search Engadget.com. That isn't accurate.
  5. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    the pic of the catalog page mock up is old, the price info is what's new.
  6. Sassy_Lina

    Sassy_Lina Well-Known Member

  7. Bek

    Bek Android Expert

    Wait, did I just read that right...



    The cynic in me calls bullshit.
  8. LisaFitz

    LisaFitz Well-Known Member

    What is this charging holster all about??
  9. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

  10. burgertime

    burgertime Android Enthusiast

    I'll probably buy the HDMI dock...but will there be any advantage to the Sprint car kit?
  11. RaiseUp151z

    RaiseUp151z Well-Known Member

    damn that charging holster sounds awesome.
  12. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    So I assume that bodyglove case is the one they will have at launch?
    Dammit I was hope for the white one so I can look like Paris Hilton:rolleyes:
  13. Bek

    Bek Android Expert

    This has been covered numerous times elsewhere, but MonoPrice is not carrying Micro-HDMI cables yet. Many of us swear by MonoPrice.

    Micro-HDMI cables are very uncommon right now, and only a few vendors carry them... and fewer at reasonable prices.
  14. Sassy_Lina

    Sassy_Lina Well-Known Member

    :eek:You too....:D
  15. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    No but some forum member seems to think so:rolleyes: Maybe it will go with my pink katana:D
  16. Jordus

    Jordus Android Enthusiast

    car kit is pricey :(

    interested in charging case and HDMI dock, though.
  17. rockman1117

    rockman1117 Member

    Even with the 25% Premier discount, its a pretty penny...:(

    Lets hope Amazon carries it or something.

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