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HTC Evo 4G - Yahoo Mail App Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by James S_2017, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. James S_2017

    James S_2017 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Gang,

    I hve a HTC EVO 4G on the Sprint Network and was having problems adding new accounts after changing my passwords. I uninstalled the app and since I had a copy of Yahoo Mail v 1.3.0 apk in my download file I thought that it would be a simple matter to reinstall the app. Low and behold,I had installed the CleanMaster App to clean my temp files and etc. In the past,I was careful to uncheck this apk file in the past and had no problems reinstalling Yahoo Mail. But this time,I neglected to do this and,as a result,I deleted the apk file. In the past I was able to do a Google search and redownload this file,but it is nowhere to be found. I went to the Play Store and the only Yahoo Mail App they show isn't compatible w/my old Droid.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance/suggestions the group can give me.


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  2. funpig

    funpig Android Enthusiast

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  3. PurrsSW

    PurrsSW Member

    CleanMaster is the devil. Avoid it and save yourself. I noticed that Yahoo makes you get their app for mobile devices now and refuses to work with other mail apps, even the perfectly legitimate stock varieties on your phone, bummer. Did you search for a download for that version of Yahoo Mail apk - specifically? There are a few floating around; I found some in a few minutes - but not on the Yahoo site, obviously. What version of Android are you running on your phone?
  4. James S_2017

    James S_2017 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi PurrsSW,

    I am running Android v 2.3.5 and the phone isn't rooted. I already had run a Google search and this
    is what happened: tomsguide.com - only referred me to the latest Yahoo Mail version which isn't supported by me device. freewarelovers.com - shows the 1.3.0 apk,but when I click on it I get a dialog box which says that " this XML file doesn't appear to have any info associated with it. I guess Yahoo makes it so that you cant download this version anymore. Can you recommend a site that does? I guess that I could do a hard reset but:

    1. Since I deleted the Yahoo Mail App from the phone,would I get it back after doing the Hard Reset?
    2. I have a lot of .txt files which hve photos (family & the grandkids) attached to them which I don't want to lose. I don't think that there are any apps which can be used to back these up. As far as my VM is concerned,I am able to back them up in .wav file form.

    I hope this info is helpful to you.

    Tnx Agn

  5. PurrsSW

    PurrsSW Member

    Try over here: "Yahoo Mail. old versions." It appears they are still available.
    Another one here that might work.
    And here.

    A good backup app should find anything you have on your phone. You may have 'attached' all those text files in your old Yahoo app but they had to be stored someplace else on your system in order for you even to do that. Do you have Total Commander or some other good file manager? If you don't, get one so you can check out what you actually have on there.

    The thing about texts and pictures, at least in my (admittedly-limited) experience, is that Android tends to store them together under 'Documents,' or 'My Texts,' and images under Pictures; even the stock file manager My Files does it that way and organizes them according to type: PDF, TXT, DOC, whatever. It doesn't matter what apps you were using them in and you don't have to open that app in order to get to them. Have you tried this? Sorry if it's an obvious question. Somebody said once, can't remember who, that the very best detectives are those who could see the obvious - suggesting that it might be something rare in humans.:)
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  6. James S_2017

    James S_2017 Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Here are my results:

    1. On site # 1 I downloaded Yahoo Mail 2.0 but it wont install on my device.I even went so far as to check mark the " Unknown Sources" option in Settings to allow installation of non-market applications.
    Still No Joy.

    2.On site # 2 (Softonic),that app is for a Yahoo News Browser for Android 4 and higher.It doesn't appear to be the Email Program.

    3. On site # 3 I tried to download from there,but it doesn't download.So I thought that I had to register on that site which I tried to do multiple times,but was unable to do so.So I sent the site an email to find out where the problem is.

    With respect to the .txt files,I don't use Yahoo Mail for that. On my screen,I have a widget named "Messages" which came with the phone when I bought it. It has nothing to do w/Yahoo Email.

    With respect to file managers,I downloaded Astro sometime ago. I searched in My Documents,M Album & My Media and can't find any photos which are attached to the txt's I have. There is a DCIM file which stores the pictures which I've taken w/the camera.

    Do you hve any other suggestions?


  7. PurrsSW

    PurrsSW Member

    I have questions: have you called this number? Yahoo Customer Service @ 1-800-256-7021
    Have you logged into your Yahoo account by browsing to the website, instead of through the app interface? Have you logged in on your computer?
    Are you able to download anything at all to your phone? Have you updated anything since you lost your Yahoo app? Better not to if you don't want your missing files overwritten. If you can download, try one of these apps for recovery of deleted files:
    https://play.google.com/store/search?q=recover deleted files&c=apps&hl=en
    Here is a way to do the same from an app you install on your computer, linked on this page, and connect your device to it:
    Have you uninstalled CleanMaster? Do it. The app is ad-filled, intrusive, spyware-ridden horseshit and it's running your system down far worse than all the apps it tells you are doing that, and worse: it's stealing and selling your data. It may take longer to go to your application manager and do the 'cleaning' yourself but that way, you're not going to delete anything by accident. If you want to know what's hogging your resources the most, your own settings menu has a way to show you that. I found an article about these apps that don't do a thing for Android systems, even when they're genuine, that explains better than I can why they're no benefit to you at all: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/ram-boosters-task-killers-bad-android/
    and there's good discussion on it on this thread:
    If you scroll down to the list of the most popular malware-infested apps on this page, you'll find Clean Master among them:
    I'll check on you tomorrow, when I can stay awake. I have a bit of a cold, feel like I lost a fight and nod off whenever I sit down too long. :)

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