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HTC Evo Design 4g Bosst Mobile- help please

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by willyloko, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. willyloko

    willyloko Lurker
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    Hello there PPl, I was reading through some forums about rooting etc.. I had followed steps at some point when I hboot PH44IMG.zip it loads then parsing and I continued to followed instructions to wait for 4+ min. I waited for 30+ min an nothing happens it just looks like it freezes, at one point it turned off on me. I have tryed to change android txt numbers to my radio as well tryed the numbers apache thunder put in the forums nothing still. do i have to delete underscore as well _2 at the end of my radio number when installed on android txt?

    I was downloading tango app when it was installing my phone froze an turned off then back on but nothing to boot so when i did vol key down an power. hboot said no image, i cant factory restore because it freezes on three android figures on skateboard then i tried recovery nothing, red triangle upside down with exclamation mark with phone in the backround.

    kingdom pvt s-on
    mar 26 2012, 16:07:45

    thank you for your time very highly appreciate if you can help

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