HTC Evo Design 4G Screen Repair Guide


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Does your touch screen and LCD display screen have cracks or damage? This written repair guide will walk you through proper disassembly on how to replace a damaged touch screen or LCD screen. Following these instructions carefully will insure a secure and quick repair.

This guide will help you to install the following HTC Evo Design 4G part(s):
  • HTC Evo Design 4G Touch Screen Digitizer Replacements
  • HTC Evo Design 4G LCD Screen Replacement
  • Other HTC Evo Design 4G Parts

  • Safe Open Pry Tool
  • Torx T5 Screwdriver
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Adhesive Strips (For Touch Screen Repairs)
  • Heat Gun/Hair Dryer

HTC Evo Design 4G Take Apart Repair Guide:
  • To begin, remove the lower back cover. There'll be three (three) screws that need to be taken out. Two (2) is going to be Torx T5 and a single (1) might be Small Phillips.
  • Using a safe open pry tool, pry between your volume button and also the upper area of the back housing. Carefully glide the pry tool fully round the outdoors edges. You will see a glue pad holding the cover in position in the center of the housing.
  • Three (3) Torx T5 screws will need to be removed from the upper back housing. You'll also have one (1) small Phillips screw.


Figure 1​
  • The entire back housing can now be removed. Apply light pressure close to the ear speaker forward and lightly remove the housing.
  • Take away the two (2) visible small Phillips screws, located on each side in the centre. Switch the low area of the housing lower, this can expose a sizable adhesive pad which will have to be removed to show two (2) more small Phillips screws.
  • Release the rest of the housing that is covering the motherboard with a safe pry tool. Pry all the edges to release the clips.
  • Once the motherboard is visible, gently lift the vibrator motor and allow it to hang attached to the motherboard with the use of safe pry tool.
  • Begin prying the motherboard up, being cautious as there are still 2 flex cables attached to the motherboard.


Figure 2​
  • Release the two (2) flex cables. Each cable will be covered with mylar tape. Remove the tape and raise the back of the connector up. From there, cautiously slid the cable out of the connector.
  • Start removing the motherboard carefully.
  • You can now start warming the front of the screen using a hair dryer or heat gun. Use quick movements, not focusing in one area for too long. Medium - high heat will be needed to correctly warm the adhesive holding the screen assembly to the front housing. Spend some time and reheat as needed. Make use of a safe open pry tool to pry between your screen and front housing.
  • You can now remove the touch screen from the assembly. Be cautious as the flex cable will need to be guided through the housing.
  • Cautiously pry the LCD screen from the front housing.
  • Your HTC Evo Design 4G has now been completely disassembled.

Simply replace the damaged parts with the new ones and reverse the order to put your phone back together again.


Can you make a you tube video of how to fix the HTC Evo Design all the way through? The last video I seen this guy had poor quality of sound to listen to him speak plus there were a beeping sound that kinda distracted what he was saying...I would like that alot.


Been looking to replace my digitizer on my phone. All the videos or walkthroughs only go till you get the lcd/digitizer combo out. This walkthrough was the only one that mentioned pulling them apart. My question would be, what kind of adhesive is used between the two pieces. I know this is an old post and i'm sorry, just really can't find the answer anwhere else.
Will the Evo Design 4g digitizer for Sprint work on Boost phones as well? I've only been able to find the digitizer with Sprint branding on it, but mine is a boost phone.


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The digitizer with Sprint branding should also work with your Boost Mobile phone since they are both "CDMA" carriers. Best of luck!