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HTC Evo Shift 4G Screen Repair Guide

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by repairsuniverse, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is the outer touch screen on your Evo Shift 4G damaged or cracked? This take apart repair guide will show the steps concerning how to properly disassemble and repair a damaged touch screen and other internal parts.

    This guide will help you to install the following HTC Evo Shift 4G part(s):

    • HTC Evo Shift 4G Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement
    • HTC Evo Shift 4G LCD Screen Replacement

    Tools Required:

    • Safe Open Pry Tool
    • Small Phillips Screwdriver
    • T5 Torx Screwdriver
    • Hot Air Gun / Hair Dryer

    HTC Evo Shift 4G apart guide:

    • The first step would be to remove the back battery cover, batter, and memory. Once that's done remove the four (4) Torx T5 screws situated within the back housing.
    • Using a safe open pry tool, release the clips situated round the back housing. Once the clips are all released, remove the back housing.

    Figure 1​

    • Remove the motherboard by releasing the "pop" connector and getting rid the two (2) small Phillips screws.
    • With the motherboard removed we have access to eight (8) small Phillips screws sited underneath the keyboard which will need to be removed.

    Figure 2​

    • With the keyboard removed, use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove 2 screws situated around the plastic covers at the very top and bottom from the phone.
    • Now use a safe open pry tool to remove the covers to expose two more hidden small Phillips screws, remove them also.
    • Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the adhesive and carefully remove the flex cable on the sliding portion of the phone.
    • The back slide cover can be removed.

    Figure 3​

    • Release the two (2) jaw connectors located at the bottom of the device. You can now ease off the ribbon cable from the back of the LCD screen.
    • Use of a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the adhesive and thoroughly take away the flex cable around the sliding area of the phone. Release the 2 jaw connectors and gently lift the ribbon cable from the rear of the LCD screen.
    • Remove the other flex cable from the back of the LCD screen and cautiously take away the LCD screen from the rest of the phone. Remove the flex cable from the front housing and touch screen.
    • Apply heat to the adhesive and use a safe pry tool to raise the touch screen from its housing. Cautiously ease the ribbon cable through the frame and replace your touch screen.

    Simply reverse the instructions above to reassemble your phone.

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  2. Yashvir

    Yashvir Lurker

    Hey, firstly I'm sorry for reviving a clearly dead, and what seems like an informational only, topic. But I was replacing my digitizer today at the end of my repair I got the phone started yet the touchscreen was entirely unresponsive. So I opened it back up and went through it again to see what I did wrong and I noticed that one of the flex cables going into the jaw connector on the bottom (in figure 3 of the first post) that connected to the home, menu, back, and search buttons was cut. So I'm assuming that this was the reason for the dead touchscreen and basically what I'm trying to find out is: what is the name of that flex cable, and if at all possible, where can I find a replacement part with that cable?

    Sorry for the long read, but as this is my only phone I desperately need it up and running again.
  3. idy

    idy Lurker

    hey im sorry im new here and idk well how this forum works and i just read your question. I have the same phone and last week all of the sudden I was playing songpop and I set my cell to charge and when I went to answer a call on my cell the touchscreen wont respond at all. i had to reset the cell and lost everything bcs i wasnt even able to unlock it. anyways a friend of mine told me that one cable , the one from the flex for the touch part was cut and looks like the same you mention above. he told me probably bcs of the daily use the cable was cut, close and opening the cell. And I cat find that thing to get it fix i dont even know the name. Please if you did find the name can you tell me.

  4. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  5. PukingGlitter

    PukingGlitter Lurker

    Are you serious? When I called I was told there was no way to replace the screen and the only way was to try a factory reset. That didn't work and I was told I had to buy a new phone. Both of those parts should help with an unresponsive screen also?

    On a different note, do you know any way to recover pictures from a reset phone?
  6. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Not sure who you called and who told you that but as you can see above it can be done. We have done it many times.

    You would need the touch screen digitizer replacement to fix an unresponsive screen. These can be found here - HTC Evo Shift Screen Replacements

    As for the pictures, what do you mean "a reset phone"
  7. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    We also have a repair guide video available for those that find this written guide difficult. The video can be viewed at RepairsUniverse (dot) com.
  8. drfrisker

    drfrisker Lurker

    I was given an evo shift 4G. It looks to be in awesome cosmetic shape, however I can't get the unit to power on or anything. My usb port recognizes something is plugged in, but can't locate drivers for it, and it won't power on or anything.

    Have the oem wall charger for it, no led light. no notification light on at all. I have a separate battery charger than the shift's battery fits in, and an extra known good battery and still, nothing. Tried the volume up+down trick while plugging battery in. Took back cover off to have a look and the circuit board looks fine, no shorts nor bad contacts.

    Bad flex cable or just a dead phone?
  9. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Check on water damage stickers . Open up the device and check for flex cables unplugged or see if some are missing. See if the usb charging port is de-soldered.

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