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HTC fine but DroidX2 won't do much on ppc

Discussion in 'Page Plus Cellular' started by 54kav, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. 54kav

    54kav Lurker
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    :stupido:Used to use HTC Incredible on PPC but I broke phone after 2 years. Got Moto. Droid X2 & it only uses half the features the HTC did. I only get 500 Megs data/mo. Data is either On or Off. When HTC sent pic text it "knew" to turn on 3G send text then turn 3G off. Try to text pic from X2...I turn data ON but never know if it's had enough time to send. Only about 20% of attempts have worked.
    Also cannot get calendar to sync w my google one on the PC.
    Most of my contacts are gone even though I paid to have them transferred to X2. HTC put FaceBook photos on contacts so when someone called you saw pic. This X2 I have to go through each one & set a pic.
    I don't understand why so many members are happy with X2. It's a phone and that's all for me. I'm ready to hang myself with the charger but the cord is too short.

  2. UncleMike

    UncleMike Android Expert

    You paid to have your contacts transferred? If you used the same Google account on both devices your contacts should have synced automatically, unless you disabled it.

    A phone that's smart enough to turn data on when it need it (for sending MMS) is cool. I never knew any phones did that. I can understand why you miss that feature.

    As far as Facebook goes, I couldn't say - I've never used it.

    I made some comments (elsewhere) regarding fragmentation recently, but whatever you call it, I think this disparity of features is a problem for the casual user. No two Android phones are alike, and replacing one with another is never a seamless process.
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  3. 54kav

    54kav Lurker
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    The 1st PPC phone I used was LG flip phone & I used it b/c PPC sold that exact phone refurbed . I doubted PPC could be as good as Verizon. I was wrong (YAY) so I purchased the HTC Incredible used from a Vz employee who didn't like it. The Flip LG had a "phone book" that had to be transferred ($) to the HTC. Then I killed the HTC after years of use & so many people are using the Dx2 I thought it would be fine. Since the phone book from the LG was on HTC I moved it again to the Dx2. Needed to go find my ROLODEX to reach someone & now I have to keep it near. As soon as I put in a number the Dx2 knows who it belongs to but I cannot put in their name & get the number.
    So I'm still ignorant enough to not know how to send a text picture & know it has been sent.
    Thanks so very much for your reply.
  4. 54kav

    54kav Lurker
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    Based on other posts I put 3G Watchdog on the phone. It may have deleted all my photos on the SD card but I couldn't handle knowing that right now. In my case there is no Widget.

    Another problem this phone has: it won't let me retrieve Voice Mails. I get stuck in a loop "please enter your password then press pound" it keeps repeating that recording after I press pound
  5. gbsa

    gbsa Android Enthusiast

    I just went into contacts in my x2, pressed the menu button from there you can choose to use your fb account for your contacts. Glad I did this all those fb ppl on my contact list was annoying I set mine to just ppl with phones.
  6. micallen

    micallen Well-Known Member

    OP, I assume you have a Gmail account set up to use. If so, go into Gmail (on a computer) and look at the very top-left. You will see GOOGLE, then under that you'll see Gmail. Click Gmail, and when the drop-down appears, select Contacts. If your contacts were set up right, you should see them there. If not, it's worth the time to enter them in there. You can always start with 1 or 2 to try it.

    After you enter you contacts there (hitting save each time) go to your phone (make sure either wi-fi or data is on) and go to Settings, accounts/Sync, select Google, you may have to click on your e-mail address, then click Contacts. The ones you entered on your computer will now show on your phone. The best part is, from no on they will automatically appear on any new phone in the future (after you sync).

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