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HTC Flash speed/watchabilty

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mtomto, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. mtomto

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    Aug 3, 2009

    Aug 3, 2009
    I have already posted this on another post but I would like some thoughts (as I am in my seven day return window!?!)

    Have had Hero for three days. Its really neat. Lovely UI. I am concerned the phones mooted slowness though. Browser is good, but flash, as it is, aside from semi static adverts, is a joke... not worth watching (either slow/or really heavily pixilated). Flash 10 is coming out... This will, in theory give access to full iplayer/bbc news streams/and, for example, ign videos. (beeb player is just ok) Will the phone be fast enough to run it? ) (F10 that is, i have heard it may be more accomidating/better written?! Is qualcomm 72000a just too slow?) Video playback is already just slightly less than perfect in youtube app. (is this hardware or sftware ting?) I could swear the iphone 3g had flawless youtube playback (with 400 odd mhz processor (maybe graphics processor?) Whatever, It needs a better all round media player. (video/streaming)

    note: the video circulated of flash 10 in action is of Star Dudes, a simple flash animation. SO very difficult to gauge what kind of phone specs would be needed to smooth video playback... having just watched inglorious basterds trailer on yahoo movies, on of the hero's ability's trumped up by Rich internet applications | Open Screen Project I fear this phone may not be up to it...

    Do you think anything can be done to remedy this by HTC, or is this just in effect a stop gap summer phone... I should return and wait.

    (note forgive the pessimism is there seems to be some. I really like this phone, it just doesn't currently seem to perform in this (the video/streaming area, which is increasingly what my internet experience is becoming geared towards)

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