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HTC Gingerbread update.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KingDong, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Mikelarry85

    Mikelarry85 Newbie

    bah nothing for me still. every time there a new update i seem to always get it really late


  2. Batreky

    Batreky Member

    Are all my apps on 2.2 will be deleted when get my 2.3 update ?
  3. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    All installed, took about 15 mins, no probs at all. This was on Orange, unbranded from CPW. Not really seen any major differences, apart from the taskbar, will just have to see how things go with it
  4. Artaq

    Artaq Newbie

    I found that every app I had has stayed, with its icon still in place.
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  5. tw332

    tw332 Lurker

    Just upgraded. Unbranded Orange in UK. Lost most of my apps and had a major panic when the backup software wouldn't restore.

    All seems ok now.

    Only real difference I've noticed so far is the larger predictive text words and slightly louder notifications.

    UPDATE - Quite disappointed that they haven't fixed the "broken shortcut icons in a folder" issue and the larger words can be a bit distracting. But, oh well.
  6. Batreky

    Batreky Member

    Thanks Mate for your fast reply :)

    So what about the Sound Volume Fixed ? Speaker louder ?
  7. KFR42

    KFR42 Newbie

    So I did a factory reset. Still no internet from my wifi. I've turned off all my security on my router now and nothing. I'm pretty pissed off to say the least.
  8. Artaq

    Artaq Newbie

    Well ringing my phone to test, does not seem to have a louder tone on it since the update.
    I do remember something about HTC saying they would look in to it.
    The sound improvement was one of the main reasons for me updating.
  9. bakili

    bakili Member

    my camera app was playing up after update, after reset seems to be working fine. Wifi signal issues still ongoing.
    after reset, phone performance became even better
  10. Batreky

    Batreky Member

    Thanks for your attention Artaq, Have to wait for my update until will available in my country :)
  11. Albie999

    Albie999 Well-Known Member

    Speaker does seem louder .. just played last.fm, and before could hardly hear it
  12. BynoUK

    BynoUK Android Enthusiast

    Without a doubt the volume on my phone is louder through the speaker, noticed it straight away.
  13. fishphone

    fishphone Newbie

    screen is definitely brighter now. Am on lowest setting and is well bright for indoors. If you turn it right up it looks like it should be much better when out in the sun. Agreed with the sound...hellova difference. Like the new quick settings tab in the notification area too. My mate reckons his signal has improved drastically now getting much better 3G. He is in Leeds though I am out in the sticks in Lincolnshire mud hut country and still only got GPRS....never mind!!! Remains to be seen about the claimed battery performance improvement, any takers?
  14. tw332

    tw332 Lurker

    Just noticed the app manager is much better now. A lot faster and smoother.

    In fact, most things seem smoother and faster.
  15. Well I am loving the new features, feels like a new phone. Weather app now has sounds, settings-applications now has a different layout that looks way better, the phone seems to manage memory far better now have over 300mb of ram free all the time no matter what I am doing, phone is way faster and responsive, freind stream now when you select a tweet with a link in it it opens the link below the tweet, people widget has a different look. menu now has all apps frequent and downloads, apps scroll in sections, status bar now has quick settings option as well, and this is just what I have found so far.
  16. DOODuk

    DOODuk Newbie

    I thought the sound was louder after the update but noticed the volume setting had been changed to full
  17. oldboy74

    oldboy74 Member

    Sorry mate i dunno what happened, i have no problem at all, i tried rescanning/ rebooting router and disconecting modem but one all plugged in i still connect.
  18. MF1

    MF1 Well-Known Member

    Anyone got the update on orange branded yet?
  19. tw332

    tw332 Lurker

    I seem to remember seeing screenshots of a new lock screen and was looking forward to that (have a habit of answering phone calls and unlocking the phone when taking out of my pocket)... Guess I must have imagined that.
  20. Joelzinho

    Joelzinho Member

    Anyone have any idea when gingerbread is rolling out to Canada?
  21. vid

    vid Newbie

    The massive improvement on the speaker volume is more than enough for me to be happy with this update. If battery life is even marginally improved, I am a happy bunny!!!
  22. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Android Enthusiast

    In the App Drawer when you press the widget of the 4 squares with one outlined in green it flashes that same widget onto the main screen with the app drawer still visible in shadow behind it. Any idea if you are supposed to be able to do anything with this widget? (I know if you long press it you can change the order of the 3 widgets)
  23. kurtph1969

    kurtph1969 Lurker

    Tried this, reinstalled Picasa Web Albums from HTC Hub, it asks me to set up my account, but then when you open the app it says that it's not linked to my Google account (even though it shows up in account sync). Anyone know if there's a fix for this? Thanks.
  24. nzc

    nzc Lurker

    Still no update on my asian unbranded phone running 2.2.1, come on HTC!
  25. BOZG

    BOZG Member

    Not sure about that but it may have been a vanilla version of Gingerbread before HTC got their hands on it.

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