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HTC HD2 bricked or fixable plz help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twizer90, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. twizer90

    twizer90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello all i have run into a problem. yesterday it was kind of ironic i had just purchased the new HTC Sensation and about an hour later my HD2 crapped out on me i have no idea how to fix it. Please excuse me for my newbness if this question has already been answered but i cant find any info anywhere about this particular issue.

    i installed the original wincrap 6.5 to d o a fresh flash to MAGLDR 13 then i flashed clockwork mod recovery followed by MDJs_CyanogenMod7_v.2.6_NAND_A2SD+CWM the rom i like the most and have been using it for three months . i did this because i was going to give my HD2 to my girlfriend because i just got the sensation.. love it by the way.. but all was fine and it worked great for about a half hour rom booted just fine and not a single problem. then it just froze so i had pulled the battery out and put it back in tryed to start it but the tmobile stick together screen is scrambled and will not boot i can get to the tri-color bootloader screen but when i try to flash anything the HTC logo is scrambled as well and the status bar just sits at 0% and does nothing iv tryed running the tmobile hd2RUU stock rom nothing; task29 nothing. just the same scrambled stick together screen and HTC logo please email me and il send you images of what i mean by scrambled twizer90@yahoo.com

    i am using Radio and have been for three months and hspl3 since i started flashing roms to this phone about nine months ago

    any help would be greatly appreciated and i will by you a beer if you can help me fix this

    THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY INFO will be checking back soon

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  2. twizer90

    twizer90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Quick update it only goes to the tri-color bootloader screen when i turn it on now no scrambled stick together screen anymore? i dont know what changed but i can at least get to there when trying to flash anything still stuck at 0% and doesnt budge and htc logo still scrambled
  3. gamblor01

    gamblor01 Well-Known Member

    Well if you can get to the bootloader then you should be able to flash a new ROM again. I'm not sure about 0% progress bar...the only time I ever saw that was when I accidentally flashed the SPL called "2.08.0000" instead of flashing "2.08HSPL". You might want to boot into the bootloader, run HSPL3 again, and reinstall 2.08HSPL.

    After that try flashing a ROM again. I would think you radio should already still be at the appropriate version and that MAGLDR should still be there. If not, just flash it again.

    If it's not working then it sounds like it might be a hardware issue and not a software issue... :(
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  4. twizer90

    twizer90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    im thinking its a hardware issue because of the scrambled screens all except the bootloader so im not sure have tryed the 2.o8hspl version and still nothing. another question i have being it might be a hardware issue is if anyone knows where i can get a replacement motherboard for the tmobile version i havent had any luck at all when shoping around and htc support will not send me one out but they will repair for 250 thats the price of a used one on craigslist so i might just go that rout unless i can find someone with one with a broken digitizer
  5. Samtung

    Samtung Newbie

    last week i got this hd2 tm from crglst was stocked at tmscreen and find out in forums that was a motherboard problem overheat.
    i called tmob cstm service and they asked me 200 torepair.
    i called htc and they asked me just to ship the phone and they took care changed the motherbord and shipped bak 4 days later for FREE. not even the $40 for diagnostic that i was expeting. incredible.
    now i got a like new hd2. Hope your is still under manfctr warranty. they didnt even asked where i bought the phone. they stand beyind their prodcts.
    hope it helps
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  6. twizer90

    twizer90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i think flashing android makes it out of warenty though but im not sure calling them now thanks
  7. twizer90

    twizer90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Problem solved cant believe it took this long but apparently the radio from task 29 was causing all the trouble i had to flash the stock radio, boot loader, hspl, and rom from the SD card because it would not connect to my PC once the screens got scrambled now all is well and it is completely resurrected without the task29 radio just tmobile stock Radio_2.15.50.14 and 2.08 HSPL so it was all software issues. i dont know if anyone is having trouble with task29 with their devices but maybe this could help if you have this problem try to flash stock rom/radio via SD card go here

    How to restore stock ROM on HTC HD2? (Video)
  8. ksmitty24

    ksmitty24 Lurker

    Hi am having the same problem you had but that option is not working for me . I am not able to see magldr options and when i attempt to run a new radio it says image file corrupt. I also tried the stock rom option but it doesnt go to the loading scream after the tri collered screen

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