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HTC hd2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fryarch, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. fryarch

    fryarch Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys, first post and this one may reveal how much i don't know about phones!

    basic question really, is there no way to wipe the HTC HD2 windows OS and install an andoid OS instead? I'm guessing the answer is no as otherwise many would have done this but if so, why?

    I would have thought compatibility wise the hardware is not hugley different to other android phones and if new upcoming HTC's like the supposed Bravo are coming out early next year with android instead of windows then surely it could be done?

    in relation to that, this is because im due a new phone upgrade, having kept with my o2 samsung d600 for about 4/5 years now (tough little phone) lol. been looking at the n900, 3gs, htc hd2, milestone etc but as always the next thing coming out always seem the perfect phone and each of these have slight things i dont like!
    a nexus one or htc bravo if the rumors are correct seem to finnaly bring everything together, htc styling, android OS and not an Iphone! is there any ideas when these two may possibly hit the UK or should i just give in and go for the HTC HD2?

    cheers everyone.

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  2. wankingweiner

    wankingweiner Well-Known Member

    if i were you, i would wait until MWC because HTC might have news on the rumored Supersonic phone which is basically the HTC HD2 with android.

    Sprint's HTC Supersonic To Sport 4.3" OLED Screen

    The HD2 is a great phone, but winmob6.5 is a huge turnoff
  3. tf442

    tf442 Newbie

    I love love love the my HD2 for the hardware. Large screen with no wasted space. Hardware buttons unlike the Nexus 1. Great camera with a very powerful flash.

    If it had android it would be perfect.
  4. big%boy%big

    big%boy%big Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree with you more, which is why I have the latest CMYLXGO's Utopia HD ROM from a Desire HD build. I'm grinning from ear!

    @ Apple and Winmo : a final resting place has been prepared for you.
  5. San Antone RR

    San Antone RR Well-Known Member

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  6. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert

  7. Presario1976

    Presario1976 Lurker

    Hi there, I have installed Mod version MDJ's Cyanogenmod7 (v2.0_ A2SD+
    Android version 2.3.1. It has wiped windows completely from the phone and it has installed android. I want to know how I can reset the phone back to the original windows it came with. I want to be able to install android as an sd based OS. Can someone please help? HUU or something is needed to flash the phone back to windows.
    Thank you
  8. anabolina

    anabolina Newbie

    Sorry I can't help Presario, I'm also new to this. Why didn't I find this thread while searching last night? It's all good, I got everything figured out and am running [22 Feb][ZIP][Incremental updates][TMOUS] Moto-MyTouch4G V3.3 [Kernel tytung r5] - xda-developers

    It's had no problems today except I can't change the default keyboard, that's probably user error. And I forgot to format my sd card for a2sd beforehand, so I'm going to be doing this again soon.

    Still, flashing the ROM was a lot easier for this phone then for the Behold 2. It took me 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon to figure that one out.

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