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HTC Hero 2.1 and A2SD+ queries.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JLneonhug, Aug 6, 2010.

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    Im unsure if I have got this A2SD fuction working properly as I've been installing loads of apps on the phone, however it gets to a point where it tells me 'low storage space' and I can't install anymore apps.

    I used this:
    1) How To: Root Your HTC Hero in One Click! (Updated 03.07.10!) | TheUnlockr
    2) [PC Application] GoldCardTool - Android @ MoDaCo
    (Basically Goldcarded and rooted)

    Then used this custom rom:
    30/Jun r5 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for GSM Hero now with Online Kitchen - Android 2.1 - Android @ MoDaCo
    Its the mondaco 2.1 android custom rom.

    Few glitches here and there but after a wipe most went away..! great!
    Phone now is goldcarded, rooted, and modaco 2.1 custom rom.

    My questions are..
    1) I've partitioned it using Amon Ra recovery image/apk. (home + Power button) Mondaco custom rom apparently has its own a2sd package, but I dont know how to access it?
    2) So the Amon Ra recovery thing IF does it automatically should it not have some indication that it is using the SD card for apps? (i.e. a separate folder which says "apps" or something..?)
    3) IF I have partitioned it correctly.. How do I tell the phone to install onto SD card and not on phone storage?

    I've attempted to dig some websites for troubleshooting a2sd but no luck :( Any help much appreciated! (link to websites or answering the question/s above would be great!)

    Thanks for your help.

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