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HTC Hero Cronos Ginger X 2.4.0 (Android 2.3.9)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alber, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. alber

    alber Lurker
    Thread Starter

    HTC Hero Cronos Ginger X 2.4.0

    Hi guys,

    Here is a another release for the Hero fixing most of the annoyances created in the last build.
    This will be probably the last release for the Hero based on Gingerbread. Depending on the bug reports reported by you.
    I hope you can enjoy this release as much as possible and hopefully see you back in ICS.

    I want to thank everyone that has supported me on Cronos.

    You have bugs to report? Please use: Bugzilla Main Page

    Note: Please reboot after any flash you do. This is very important.

    How to flash Cronos Roms:
    1. Wipe
    2. Flash ROM
    3. Boot to full ROM.
    4. reboot to Recovery.
    5. Flash Hot Fix (If any)
    6. Boot to ROM.
    7. Reboot to Recovery.
    8. flash kernel (If any updates)
    9. reboot to ROM.
    10. Reboot to Recovery.
    11. Flash GAPPS
    12. Reboot.

    Release Notes
    06 Nov 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.4.0
    Fixed Wifi Tethering support.
    Fixed sqlite WAL Bug.
    Made some changes to libcamera.
    Made some changes to liblights.
    Improved speed to system.
    Fully integrated OC Daemon.
    Fixed Call hang up Delay.
    Fixed application support.
    Improved net speed 3G/H/WiFi

    27 Oct 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.3.9
    Fully Updated to Android 2.3.7
    Browser battery draining fixed.
    Calling battery draining fixed.
    Cronos X Settings FC's fixed.
    Separate OC Daemon Patch.
    Tweaked low memory.
    Cleaner vendor libs.
    This Will remove Full Cronos X CPU Memory Hog.
    This means the CPU over clocking in X Settings will be fully removed giving you more memory to spare in your system.
    Over clocking will be done with a oc daemon. You can find its CPU OC configurations in /system/etc/cronos directory.

    This OC daemon will make your phone a bit faster with switching frequencies.

    31 Aug 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.3.6 Update Patch:
    Updated Cronos governor.
    Tweaked Freq stepping.
    Fixed lag.
    Library updates.
    This is an update patch only. No wipes!

    24 Aug 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.3.5:
    Updated to latest source code.
    New kernel compile based on a testing config.
    Updated Cronos governor sensitivity.
    Optimized Android 2.3.5 Speed.
    Fixed Bluetooth.
    Improved EGL speed.
    Fixed pre-release CGX 2.3.4 long boot issue.
    Improved Camera Speed.

    31 July 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.3.3:
    Fixed Cronos X FC's.
    Fixed X Powerwidget (For real)
    Updated to latest Android Sourcecode.

    27 July 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.3.2:
    Updated to Android 2.3.5
    Cronos X PowerWidget fixed.
    Cronos X Settings still android 2.3.4 code. Will update soon.
    Bug: I broke screen on/off animations?

    20 July 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.3.1:
    Please recalibrate your battery.
    Please fully charge the battery to 100%.
    X Settings updated to version 0.0.3
    Font sizing will stay permanent.
    Fixed: ScreenStatus Scaling.
    Fixed CRT ON/OFF Lagg.
    Fixed 30tweak file, thanks bleep42.
    System should be a bit snappier.
    Added a new version string for X Settings Mod itself.
    Volume rocker wakeup port by ComputerFreak
    Enable/disable CRT on/off animationport by Feeyo/Computerfreak
    Added option to change the indicator color in the notification widget port by ComputerFreak
    Fixed some checkboxed incorrectly checked by default by ComputerFreak
    Fixed some incorrect text when selecting brightness mode by ComputerFreak

    13 july 2011 | Cronos Ginger X 2.3.0:
    First release of Cronos X.
    Settings have extended options.
    Font size options ported by ComputerFreak.
    Battery Percentage option added.
    Battery Percentage Bug, fixed by ComputerFreak.
    widget button FC on MDPI devices fixed by ComputeFreak.
    Improved Danish Translations by ComputerFreak.
    Extra animation option ported by ComputerFreak.
    small GUI changes by ComputerFreak.
    A few tweaks used with flags.
    Fully Removed CM Extra.
    Sources have been updated to latest AOSP.
    Source for external and hardware support updated to latest CM.
    libSqlite improvement.
    Added Call Delay tweak by jyxent.
    lowmemorykiller improvement (Again)
    Added a few tweaks from Juwe11.
    BatteryWipe on flash by Seo.
    And of course all the Cronos speed imrpovements Added.

    12 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.4 WiFi Fix (Kernel Update):
    Fixed WiFi Disconnect issue.

    08 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.4
    Updated CM Extra to latest.
    Updated to latest Sources. (AOSP + CM).
    Added DSPManager.
    Added ThemeChooser.
    Added Notification Bar Widgets back.
    Added WiFi Boost.
    DeOdexed Compile.

    04 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.3_P1
    Support for Vector Maps.
    Fixed corrupted boot animation.
    This is an update Patch ONLY (No wipes needed!)

    03 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.3
    Fixed JNI Bug.
    Cleaned a Bogus htc core framework permissions entry.

    02 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.2
    Fixed libwebcore exception.
    Updated to latest Android 2.3.4 Sources.
    Tweaked Build Environment.
    Added new EVO kernel, compiled with my private optimized toolchain.
    Changed kernel configuration to drain less battery.
    Fixed SDCARD issue: Corrupting Filesystems.
    Enabled Screen On and Off.

    23 May 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.1
    Tweak audio APIs for better compatibility.
    Fixed draw texture when loadTexture() is called.
    Performance of toHex() improved.
    sdcard improve insertion notification on Gingerbread.
    Ninepatch tweaks for better interop
    Switch to SkSafeUnref for better portability
    Fixed Bogus WiFi Garbage in xml's from an old patch of mine.
    Updated to latest AOSP Sources.
    Better Bluetooth Support.
    Lock home in mem included.

    Download HCGX-2.4.0_.zip
    Cronos Official Mirrors: (Thanks to Bertol and NetGhost)
    The Official Cronos Mirror * download HCGX-2.4.0_.zip

    MD5SUM: on download link system.

    Extra Mirrors:

    Google APPS:
    Download latest gapps:
    The Official Cronos Mirror * download gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip

    For bug reports visit: Bugzilla Main Page



  2. Basappa

    Basappa Lurker

    First time flashed cronos on my HTC Hero and I guess this is the latest available. I was using Froyo earlier from Villian ROMs. First few minutes of usage and no hiccups so far.. Will come back later if any is not working. Thanks for the work and not letting down Hero.
  3. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    Not getting notifications via a few apps
    Facebook Messenger
    Facebook Application For Android

    Seams to be an issue and its not my Carrier as it worked fine on Cyanogen 6.0 so reverted back.
  4. jonboy96

    jonboy96 Lurker

    WTF ??

    -no dsp manager
    -no dev tools
    -no cm extras menu in settings
    -a lot of apps crash
    -no cpu set (setcpu not work)
    -the complete system is slow and laggy

    my only question .. why ?????

    sorry for my bad english im from germany ;)
  5. mindfloss

    mindfloss Member

    i think that you got a bad dl...its super fast and not buggy wut so ever....and i believe the notifications are apps specific....not ROM specific...
  6. ali2908

    ali2908 Newbie

    i cant find the rom manager (free version) on the market only the premium which is just a payment method no actual program. i can see it on the market with my sensation but not the hero is there an alternative program i can use?

  7. eudemus

    eudemus Lurker

    Hi, this is by far the best ROM I've tried for my Hero, and I've tried a fair few now!

    BUT one bit of functionality is missing - email searching. And I'm not talking about searching on the server, just searching the emails that are on the phone itself.

    I like the stock email client, and it performs better than almost any other that I have tried. But I can't search for emails - I get quite a lot, so scrolling (the only option for me currently) is pretty hopeless.

    I can't use the gmail client because my email is provided by a work Exchange server.

    I have tried using other email clients (K9, Maildroid, Aqua) but although they can search email, the Exchange server doesn't seem to play well with IMAP clients in various sporadic and annoying ways (probably the fault of the server not the clients). There are paid-for clients (Moxier, Touchdown), but frankly I don't think I should need to pay for this basic functionality.

    Surely there must be some way to search email on the stock client?!!

    Some other threads have suggested that simply activating the keyboard and starting typing is a way to search. It doesn't work for me. I have tried power search - again, it didn't work.

    Can anyone help?
    Thanks, Eudemus.

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