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HTC Hero GPS screwy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fparklin, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. fparklin

    fparklin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok so I have the HTC Hero Spring version. 1.5

    I have an issue with the GPS. When I turn on Google Maps, and press "My Location", it says "Trying to determine your locations..."
    And then like 5 seconds later it says "Your current location cannot be found at this time."

    This worked flawlessly before. Often times, turning my phone off and on would do the trick but this time it did nothing. Why is this? Even if it were to work when i turned off my phone, that should not be happening. Anyone else having this problem? Or is your GPS working ALL the time? Any fixes for this?
    Also, I am new to this forum so if there were previous discussions for this topic, a link would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    I had problems with GPS location and google maps with "Use wireless networks" checked in Menu > Settings > Location.

    Try turning that off and see if it fixes your problem. It worked for me.
  3. slowmotion

    slowmotion Lurker

    if you are in a building or anywhere enclosed, the GPS has a hard time transmitting. In the car and outside it should be no problem. That may be your issue if you are doing this while sitting in a building somewhere.
  4. fparklin

    fparklin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My wireless setting is turned to off... still does not work

    As for the being inside a building. When the gps doesn't work, it doesn't work inside or outside. Before when it did work, it would get a signal whether i was inside or outside or in a car no problem.
  5. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast

    You have to give it time to get satellite info., the I have had times when it takes up to 10 minutes to do it. Just FYI, there is no need to turn the GPS off, it is not used unless a program or app calls for it's function. Since I had that timely annoyance once, I turned it on, checked battery usage over a few days and seeing no detriment to keeping it on I have done so since. Keeping this on and as mentioned not using network information setting, I have pretty much instant GPS when needed.

    If it worked before, I would suggest backtracking then, have you changed any settings prior to the problem appearing? Any new apps, even that don't use GPS? If it worked, and then doesn't, there's a good chance its human error, albeit unintended... lol

    There was another who had an issue with GPS, I don't remember it being the same, do a search here for GPS...

    anyway, hope it helps and clears up for ya'.

  6. fparklin

    fparklin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hmm i think it has to do with battery life. It seems to work well when I have over 80% battery life. I will test this tomorrow
  7. mosesxavier

    mosesxavier Lurker

    A couple of weeks ago I also started to have this same issue, this after having had the phone since October. In addition though I also have the problem that It'll sometimes have my location as being off by like 20-30 miles sometimes. It is really annoying and while it doesn't do it all the time it does it most of the time now and enough to where I can no longer depend on google maps.

    If anyone else has encountered this and found the fix please let me know.
  8. LLWesMan

    LLWesMan Member

    Fix = Turn phone off and turn back on. Not a real fix but oh well.
  9. homerun57

    homerun57 Lurker

    Hi everyone!

    I started having the same problem a while ago... it's indeed really annoying.

    However something doesn't seem right...

    I use CoPilot as GPS software and the other day it gave me my current location as being in scottland when I actually was in belgium... I tried restarting the app, turning off and on the GPS and the only thing that fixed it was turning off the phone. But this doesn't seem to work everytime, anymore...

    What I find strange is that applications like Locale which make use of the GPS to track your location, seem to work perfectly.

    I really don't understand what the problem is... but there's clearly one.
  10. t1jordan

    t1jordan Android Enthusiast

    I have this problems aswell. My GPS takes to long to find me. I only use it if I have to. Sometimes the GPS icon wont even show up.
  11. tgd156

    tgd156 Lurker

    The Gps is not dependable at all. The Google maps sometimes put me 20 miles or so from my actual location. Also, it once put me in the middle of Long Island Sound and I live in Massachusetts. There are times when it does not connect at all..the Navigation..and that is verry frustrating.
    You cannot count on the GPS at all.
  12. Cadamus

    Cadamus Newbie

    I've seen an issue too, and had posted to see if anyone had any ideas. Here's the stuff I have come across, which all seemed to work at various times to various degrees (most of which are in this thread, too).

    Power on and Off the phone. This seems to have worked for some people, it hasn't worked for me as well.

    Turn the GPS off (maybe wait a few minutes) and turn the GPS back on. Some people also suggest using a task killer before turning the GPS back on. This seems to work sometimes, but not consistantly, usually around 50% of the time.

    Turn off "Use wireless networks" for location information. It can be found by starting at the home screen and going to Menu > Settings > Location. I'm not sure if this has helped me, but again, some people report success.

    The thing that seems to work for me best is to turn off the GPS, wait a few minutes, turn it back on, and leave it somewhere where it should be easy to get a signal, and let it sit. It seems like after it gets turned back on, it takes a little time to really figure out where it is, and then its okay.


  13. tgd156

    tgd156 Lurker

    Does nayone out there know if you can download another type of GPS other than the one I have. I have the HTC HERO through Sprint and they use TELENAV. I really don't want to have to spend the oney to get a nav that is more dependable.
  14. Cadamus

    Cadamus Newbie

    I think you can buy CoPilot, but I don't know whose maps they use. Once the 2.1 update comes out, you will be able to use the native Google navigation.
  15. mrdagz

    mrdagz Member

    My phone seems to have developed this issue, turning it off and on has not worked.
    using other GPS software also does not seem to work the dish icon never appears at the top of the screen so it like the phone is never even trying to use it.

    annoyone find a fix for this ?

    or is it a hardware failur?
  16. mrdagz

    mrdagz Member

    got the 2.1 update installed last night and it fixed the issue for me.
  17. jenl1625

    jenl1625 Lurker

    I haven't found the fix, but my gps sometimes places me in the wrong state. And I don't mean I'm just over the border. I'm 100+ miles from the state it thinks I'm somewhere in...

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