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Support HTC hero is stupid slow.. is there anyway to make it faster ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by candymancan, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. candymancan

    candymancan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys I got this HTC hero before the Evo came out last year and i really hate this phone.

    Its way to slow, sometimes when im typing a phone number out it will pause for like 3 seconds before i can even continue typing the number.. I cant really do text messages because when i type the thing is so slow i need to litterally wait like 2 seconds between each letter otherwise if i type out a word it will just sit there.

    There have been times I wouldthink about just tossing this against a brick wall and run it over with my car then set it on fire.. I hate this phone, is there anyway to speed this thing up ?

    I got a task killer for it along time ago as a recomendation from the sprint guy but other then that and a few aps i dont have anything on it. I have alot of pictures and video's i recorded but i havent used up the space yet.. meh... sometimes i wish i went with an Iphone, my Ipod touch 2g when typing out stuff or browsing the internet is light years faster then this stupid phone. At night when im in bed and i want to just browse youtube or search google without going on my PC i use my ipod not the phone...


  2. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert

    First of all, I would not recommend using a task killing app. It can cause more trouble than good, though some people do sing its praises, I do not, except for the rare rogue app that is eating up my CPU usage. Android manages its memory quite well and knows when to kill ongoing tasks to free up RAM for new tasks. If you use a task killing app and kill the wrong tasks you could cause strange things to happen and performance to actually degrade instead of improve.

    As for making it faster, have you ever considered trying to root your Sprint HTC Hero and going with a custom ROM and/or overclocking your CPU? I know a lot of people say that the smartphone should be perfect out of the box and I tend to agree that is not always the case in real world practice, but at least there is the option of rooting. While, I never really had complaints of slowness even on my stock Android 2.1 ROM with Sense UI, I did decide to root because I like to tinker with things and see what performance gains I could make on my handset. It was a good decision and many of the ROMs out there have made great strides in performance increases. There is a big community of people on these forums who would be more than willing to help you. If, in the end, you do not want to go the way of rooting, I am sure people can also offer you tips to increase your performance anyway.
  3. davekaye

    davekaye Newbie

    AOSP 9.9.2 (stable). Yes you have to root and do some tech work, but it will keep your Hero going without paying the extra $10 for 4G. This is a barebones Android. I run mine a 710Mhz and it's quite zippy. But as the poster says above, you have to decide to root and spend some time learning how do deal with installing a new rom and getting it all to work. If that is not your cup'o tea, go to the EVO.
  4. Macwilliam21

    Macwilliam21 Newbie

    Well i would go to the EVO. But if stick with the hero you could try to turn off the predictions and the vibrating when typing in the keyboard settings, or the predictions. Maybe that would help.
  5. hackyzac

    hackyzac Member

    I rooted and went to the AOSP 9.9.2 ROM and haven't looked back. It's like a totally different phone now, and it's really not that hard do. I was really apprehensive at first, seeing as that i'm the least technically savvy person out there, but read up and learn what everything means and you should have no problems once you decide to go that route.
  6. DaWeav

    DaWeav Android Enthusiast

    Rooting is the only way to give the Hero a little more life while waiting for the next HTC phone to come to sprint. I'm running this ROM; NFX-Sprint.STOCK.2.32.651.2.ODEX.A2SD. It's stock and I applied the overclock patch in the second post as well so that SetCPU would work in order to overclock the Sense UI. I'm over-clocked with apps to SDcard enabled which makes the Hero work much better. The performance boost from the measly stock 528mhz to a stable 691mhz makes the Hero actually perform better, and I have over 120mb of internal phone memory remaining with over 50 apps loaded at this time.

    To get A2SD to work, the trick was to partition the SDCard before flashing this ROM. So, I first had to copy all my SDCard files to my computer so that I could use Rom Manager to partition the SDCard which erased it. Once partitioned, I restored all my files back on the SDCard. Then I flashed this ROM and then the overclock. I'm now running Sense @691-729MHz with A2SD. I have over 50 apps loaded with 122Mb of available internal phone storage left. At least now it 'barely' runs Angry Birds as opposed to not running it at all, but it's still not worth playing on the Hero's 3.2inch screen.

    It's to bad the Hero only has 288Mb of RAM and this is Sense on Android 2.1 since I'd like to have Android 2.2 because of it's Bluetooth features. I've used AOSP 2.2 and CM 6.2 found on XDA and they both run Android 2.2 pretty good on the Hero, but I found that some of my Tasker tasks would stutter when playing audio sounds and alarms in the background for some reason. So, I'm not sure what that's about. Oh well, I guess I'm waiting to see if Sprint brings something other than that stupid Kawa-whatever dual screen crap to their lineup.

    BTW, here's a current Sprint HTC Sense phones comparison.

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