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HTC Hero won't turn on or charge

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by kmeats, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. kmeats

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    I've had an HTC Hero phone with the Manitoba carrier MTS since Christmas of 2011, so a year and a half now. It's been through hell with me. Dropped, scraped, falling on wet ground multiple times, I even spilled milk on it once, but it made it out alright. Today, everything was going perfectly fine, my phone was charging and I had left it on my blankets. When I came back and lifted up my blankets, my phone hit my laptop a little hard, but I thought nothing of it because I've dropped it a thousand times. About 10 minutes later, I hit the end/lock button to check if I had any texts, and it wouldn't show up. I tried this multiple times then thought maybe it was dead, so I attempted to charge it. Nothing. I even attempted to charge it through USB on my laptop but the orange light won't turn on. It just won't turn on at all. I've done multiple battery pulls and nothing is working. This is my only means of communicating with my mom and I really need this to be fixed because I have no money for a new phone. Anyone have any ideas?


  2. El Presidente

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    Given what it's been through, it sounds as if its lucky to have made it this far. There might have been previous damage that was agitated by the small knock earlier today.

    I'm not overly hopeful, but you could try a new battery? It sounds dead though, sorry :(

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