Help HTC Home/Menu/Back/Search Lights permanently on?


Android Version: 2.2
Network: Orange
Taskiller Used?: Advanced Task Killer
[Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: Not rooted
Issue: Home/Menu/Back/Search physical buttons backlights permanently on

Hi, My HTC Desire's physical buttons backlight will not turn off. I've done some research and a lot of people are complaining about the opposite, as in they won't turn on, or they want some kind of fix because it's on their kindle.

I'm afraid I didn't find anything on how to turn the lights off, I am aware it is something to do with the ambient light sensor but it seems to be working fine, I put automatic brightness on and went from a high light area to a low light area and the screen dimmed/brightened up just fine.

It is the actual white lights behind the buttons that are turned on, and I've tried everything (putting the phone on charge/off, taking battery out, removing SD card etc.) to try to get these bloody lights to turn off, and they won't. They only turn off when I actually turn the phone off, and they are on from the moment I turn the phone back on.

I don't really want to root my phone, but I found one thread with a temporary fix and it involved scripting... I'd rather find a permanent fix as I don't need those lights anyway, even in the dark I know where the buttons are :p

All the buttons work fine btw, and nothing else is playing up at all. The last thing I did to it before it went like this was connect it to my computer, downloaded an album into the MP3 section and then safely removed the hardware and removed the USB connection - Since then the lights have been on permanently as though it is on charge :(

Any help on this I'd thoroughly appreciate, Thank you!


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Shameless self bump - Even after a complete factory reset, the phone is still doing this.

It's wasting a huge amount of battery power and I'm very close to just replacing it on my insurance unless there is another way around, please android tech gods, fix my ******ed phone :(


Hi there Alex000,

The problem you were talking about happened now to me. Neither do I have any solution. Did you find some solution in the meantime?

Or is there anyone else who had to deal with this and can tell me a solution???


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Hi vds1989,

I don't know the answer, but as Alex said the obvious theory is the ambient light sensor. Does auto brightness respond to changes in light level?

It might anyway be worth making sure that there is nothing obscuring it (dirt, phone case). It's rather hard to see, but it's in the black bezel above the screen, on the left-hand side.