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Anyone else having a problem connecting? It tells me unable to connect to HTC Hub.


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I got in twice. Yet I echo others, it's the flood of new users in the midst of the logjam. Give it a couple days to settle down, that's what I'm doing.


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ok, new user what is HTC HUB

When you setup your phone your created or logged into a account. provides cloud based exclusive content such as additional skins, ring tones, and notification sounds just to name a few things. On your phone you also have an app called HTC Hub that provides you the ability to download that exclusive content directly from your phone.

That explains the basics of what and HTC Hub provides you.


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It took hours after signing in before I could get anything out of it. It'll come. I got a really nice black and white wallpaper for mine out of there. :)


With the HTC hub, what are you sacrificing. The aggreement says they have the right to redistribute basically any information about you, files pics anything. Sounds bogus to me.


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Since this last system software update 2.3.3. yesterday the skin I was using which I downloaded from hub has vanished from my phone and the hub site...there were 4 to choose from and now only 3...its was the purple one. Any body else notice this?