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[HTC] I see why HTC is dying..

Discussion in 'HTC' started by JeremyBlake, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. JeremyBlake

    JeremyBlake Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've always been an iPhone guy, but the HTC One sold me on trying to switch to Android. The phone itself is amazing, I like the Sense software, but HTC is useless.

    First, we STILL don't have 4.2.2.

    Secondly, my first phone had a dead camera straight out of the box. I thought, "Hey, it happens." and returned it for a new phone. No biggie.

    Within 2-3 weeks of getting my second HTC One, the power button began sticking under the main "body" of the phone. I call HTC to see about getting a replacement, expecting the customer service I'd received from Apple. (I had an iPhone battery constantly overheat so Apple paid to overnight my phone to them and they overnighted me a new iPhone for free as well) But nope. Not with HTC.

    When I called they said they'd have my phone for two weeks. No replacement phone, no phone to use until mine is fixed. Nothing. Just a two week wait. I filled out the survey in the email I got after the call saying the customer service basically sucked and got a reply email from HTC asking what they could do to make it better. I told him.. a new phone. I was within my first 30 days and they say the best they can go is 7-10 days and on top of the that, the idiots suggested a software up. A SOFTWARE UPDATE FOR A PHYSICAL BUTTON STICKING. I mean.. seriously? I see why HTC is as good as dead now. Idiots. :mad:

    EDIT: Keep in mine the iPhone was well AFTER the 30 days and Apple still took care of me with no questions asked.

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  2. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member

    HTC has 4.2 done and is pushing it out. The carriers are doing their thing and taking forever to "test" it, as usual.

    One of the advantages to having a large retail presence and very few products is quick repairs and turn around, often simply by swapping a defective device for a brand new one. Apple can do this because of the mentioned advantages that it has. HTC unfortunately cannot do this, and thus the customer support may seem lacking from a consumer standpoint, whereas it simply is not feasible from a business perspective.
  3. marctronixx


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  4. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    To be fair, Samsung does the same thing for repairs. That's because they're repairing your actual phone, and not just sending you a different one.

    If your within your timeframe and in the US, your carrier will usually switch out a faulty phone in the same visit.
  5. JeremyBlake

    JeremyBlake Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Which is exactly why I'll probably never make the Android mistake again. Like the phone, like the OS, but the customer service completely blows.
  6. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Have you tried sprint? Manufacturer defects are covered

    Do you have insurance? Asurion overnights you a phone just like you are describing.

    Most people dont go the manufacturer route because its covered by the other 2 much faster. When you send the phone in for manufacturer repairs.. you get your same phone back, which is exactly the way I like it. I know what its been through, I know its not a refurb.
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