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HTC IME Constantly Deletes Dictionary

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by condog, May 25, 2010.

  1. condog

    condog Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ive been using the HTC ime as my keyboard for a while but recently, it constantly deletes the dictionary. Ive also noticed during this time a drop in performance(have to reload all of widgets on homescreen when i go back to homescreen) Running P3 1ghz and 1.0.1 nexbeast. Any help would be great.

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  2. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast

    I had that problem before. The solution for me was making a whole new one and naming it a different file. Sounds weird, but that's all it took for me. Now I'm using v25 of gimpsta's HTC IME keyboard, and it works flawlessly. Can't complain...Now my file name "HTCIMEKeyboard.apk" just like that....
  3. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Member

    Can some explain this a little better? I have the same problem... What file should i rename?
  4. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast

    Rename the .apk file before you install it. Uninstall the one you currently have, and rename it. Then reinstall it using a different name like the one I used. What version of the keyboard are you using?
  5. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Member

    I am running BBV10 stock HTCIMEkeyboard... where can i download it again?
  6. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast

    I use http://www.gimpsta.com and build mines from scratch. When you download it, it'll download as a zip. So extract it and drop the .apk file to the root of your SD and install it again. Make sure its V25. Do you have the "clicker" apk and the "lib" file?

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  7. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Member

    I have clicker apk.
  8. ronaldramsayii

    ronaldramsayii Android Enthusiast

    Ok koo. Yeah just follow that link and make your own, or download a preset one from that website. Haven't gone wrong with his keyboards.

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  9. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Member


    you are the best man!

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