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HTC Incredible - 2 brief OS questions

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Beleynn, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Beleynn

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    I currently have a Blackberry on Verizon, but I'm sick of paying $45 for the data plan, and I'm sick of the Blackberry OS. I want to switch to the HTC Incredible, but I have a few concerns...

    I know Android doesn't do Outlook syncing natively, and I am NOT interested in importing my Outlook contacts into gmail - are there any apps that will allow me to sync my Outlook contacts into the phone?

    With my BlackBerry, I need to have to more expensive data plan because my work email accounts would not function correctly with the less expensive plan. I can NOT use POP3 on these accounts - will the Android OS allow me to fully configure my IMAP email accounts correctly?


  2. Haelous

    Haelous Android Enthusiast

    Yes, you can use HTC Sync to sync your Outlook Contacts to your phone via USB.

    Yes, the HTC mail application works great with IMAP. However, it is not push mail like it would be with a Blackberry. To get push mail functionality, you would have to configure GMail to download mail from this account and label it properly.
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  3. Beleynn

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