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General HTC Incredible, Outdated?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mpossoff, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. mpossoff

    mpossoff Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi I want to get a VZW contract and was wondering is the Incredible outdated?


  2. sta7ic

    sta7ic Well-Known Member

    I'd wait a little while. A slew of new phones are coming out in the next month, Including the Thunderbolt and Sony Experia Play.
  3. Mskgreenel

    Mskgreenel Android Enthusiast

    No, but I would wait for a dual core device. Really depends on what your definition of outdated is..
  4. masully1984

    masully1984 Well-Known Member

    Also the end of life date for the Incredible is 3/31
  5. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    Oh dear...you mean my phone will just die at 12:01am april first?

    A, I'm pretty sure that date was never confirmed. Secondly, that was from months ago, those dates are frequently moving targets, depending on what else is dropping.

    Third, who cares? EOL is really only important internally at verizon. Ok, its less likely that they'd provide OTAs of any update released after EOL. And they might not replace warrantied incredibles with incredibles. But beyond that, why does it matter.

    If there is something the bionic or thunderbolt has that's worth the $200+ price difference (you can get the incredible for nothing, or next to it), wait. If not, the incredible is perfectly good phone compared to atleast the next generation of phones, and more importantly any software you will likely put on it.
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  6. ACD168

    ACD168 Android Expert

    EOL really only applies to those who want to buy it from the store.. aka my dad. I told him to wait to check out the Thunderbolt cos I have the Incredible now and he really likes it, but he and I both feel 4.3' is just too big for a phone we don't really use it as we work construction. But def worth waiting to check the Thunderbolt out but at the same time, I don't want him to miss the opportunity to be able to get the manufacturer warranty. He doesn't mind paying more for a one year contract. I bought my brothers upgrade for $35 and I'm going to get a two year contract on his haha, oh well. I don't think he or I will get the Thunderbolt, we will be one of the last to receive 4G and it def wouldn't be worth paying for it, even if it's free at first, it may cost money down the road, and I never read the fine print in those contracts.
  7. masully1984

    masully1984 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the insight. I was just stating a fact to the guy. He said he was looking for a new phone just figured it was a relevant piece of info. Would you buy an Eris the last day VZW stopped selling it? So A, Google it and look for yourself. 2nd, you look at the phones that are gonna be dropping this year? 3rd, other people beside yourself care. Who knows maybe your phone will die on April 1st, then the joke would be on you :p
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  8. pipnmike

    pipnmike Newbie

    It is getting a little outdated, but I think it holds its own very well still. Several factors about upcoming phones that bother me - 1. dual-core doesn't mean better battery life, in fact, it may mean worse battery life. 2. We still don't know what LTE pricing will be like, and LTE will also kill battery. 3. New phones are all 4" and above it seems, they just look like monsters to me while the DINC looks very sleek
  9. parri1l

    parri1l Member

    Its not vastly outdated. I feel like if you are the type of person who wants official updates. That this phone will be done getting updated at 2.2. Are the newer phones that much better? Not really. Do I know from personal experience? No. Should you sign longer than a two year contract? Nope. Do I suggest maybe buying a used Incredible and waiting for that must have phone. Yes, but only on a 1 year contract. I believe the last option is the direction you should go.

    Sorry for the funny way I put that paragraph. I tend to just ramble my thoughts on forums.
  10. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    I don't think it is outdated whatsoever. I don't understand the "dual core" thing. I mean yeah we want the latest greatest, but do we really multitask on this phone like we would need to on our desktops or macs? The Inc already does very well at this. It's a phone then a pocket pc! Not vice versa.

    The only things it doesn't have going for it imo is no LTE and possibly the size. If you desire a larger device and faster 4G speeds and use your phone as one of your primary internet devices then one should wait for an LTE phone.

    One big plus for the Inc is the community for mods for it. If you think you'll root, there is a huge data base of ROM flashing goodness that is very well established.

    Don't think for a minute that your safe getting the latest phone. Within a few months they'll market something that you wish you'd waited for. Get what you want now and be satisfied :D
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  11. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Android Expert

    Not to mention the few VZW stores I have been in all say a version of the same thing: "Its amazing, but the Incredible is still a very hot seller, people still really want this phone!!!"

    As has been said before and here in this thread, other than size (if you consider that an improvement) and 4G capability (if you live IN the 30 cities it will be in for the first 1 to 2 years). there really is nothing technologically astonishing out there!

    You wanna talk about the new sense (HTC phones) or an improved GPU? Fine, show me tangible performance gains and I will agree...otherwise it is just buying what is new.
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  12. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    I would probably buy the Incredible again today... It is a great phone and is free right now through some 3rd parties.
    If you want the latest and greatest--the Incredible is not the phone for you. But at 11 months into release, it is still top 5, imo.
  13. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Compared to the other Verizon phones available today, I'd get the Incredible. Otherwise, I'd wait a week for the Thunderbolt. I don't expect to see 4g where I live for ay least a year, though.
  14. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert

    I'd argue this phone is still the best available at Verizon right now. The Droid X is nice, but it has Blur and a locked bootloader giving the edge to the Inc, IMO
  15. DroidRocker

    DroidRocker Member

    I'd still buy my Inc today. My next phone must have front and back cameras, LTE, higher memory and most importantly...HDMI output. I don't see any.
  16. tmarr

    tmarr Well-Known Member

    Wait for the Incredible S...

    why has no one said this yet? Apparently you can call Verizon and get an Incredible S ordered already. My sister works at one of their call centers and she made an order for 2 Incredible S's for a guy who wanted the Incredible. She said they arent supposed to be selling the Incredible anymore, only the Incredible S.
  17. DroidRocker

    DroidRocker Member

    Incredible S isn't it. No dual core. No LTE. No HDMI. That's probably why it's not mentioned often.
  18. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    No one knows whether or not the S will have LTE. Heck, as of now, it won't support CDMA, so either its not coming to Verizon at all (I highly doubt it) or they're going to accommodate the network at a later date leaving the door to LTE wide open. Dual core would be nice to have, but irrelevant for 90% of smartphone users who never come close to using their single core 1ghz smartphones to their full potential, all it will be is the greed to have the latest and "greatest", especially at first before the OS and apps are even formatted to work with it to its potential.
  19. WormDoes

    WormDoes Android Expert

    ENOUGH WITH THE INCREDIBLE S!!! It has been announced for Europe and Asia ONLY! Why anyone thinks this phone will ever see the United States is beyond me!
  20. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    I cannot argue against you, but it is mostly a matter of personal preference.
  21. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    HTC Flyer/Incredible S Debut With AWS Bands, T-Mobile Launches Possible? | TmoNews - Unofficial T-Mobile Blog - News, Videos, Articles and more

    There have been absolutely no official announcements regarding the S and whether or not it will be released in the US. Until HTC officially says that it will never be coming stateside, I refuse to believe they are stupid enough to alienate the customer base they built with the Inc.
  22. ACD168

    ACD168 Android Expert


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