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HTC incredible S Unlock screen, wont unlock :(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Grizzly256, Dec 28, 2011.

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    I got a new HTC Incredible S with optus pre-paid for Xmas. I was really enjoying using this device, until today.

    I got home from the movie theatre to find that the swipe down unlock bar on the unclock screen wouldnt move. At first i thought it was frozzen, except that i could still see the animated background working.

    So i tired restarting it, when holding down the power button, nothing happened. So i took the battery out, and left it out for 30mins, then turned it back on, same problem. So i switched back to the original 16gb memory card it came with that was untouched, and restarted it again. Still same problem. next i removed the sim and reinserted it, still the problem persisted, so, fed up, i did a factory reset, using the volume and power buttons. Thinking this would finally clear up the problem, i turned it back on only to discover, you guessed it, IT DIDNT!!!!!!!!!

    So, seeing as the phone has only been used for a few days, i am rather annoyed.

    Btw, the last thing i was doing with it was playing DOOM for android (yes it exsist's and is awesome!) if that helps.

    So by this point, i thinking its the hardware, the screen itself, thats the problem.

    So, any ideas, Anyone?

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