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HTC Insire VS. Dell Streak 5

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by knubie, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. knubie

    knubie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm stuck, and I'm not sure which phone to purchase and need the forum's advise.

    I've narrowed my search down to the Dell Streak (Mini 5) and the HTC Inspire. Both phones are $99 and have 1 Ghz processor, run Android 2.2. Inspire has 512 MB of RAM, Inspire has 768 MB Ram.

    Streak runs on 3G, Inspire on 4G.

    Both screens have a 480x800 resolution. However, the the Inspire has a 4.3" screen, Streak has 5". Both take 720p video. Inspire has a 8 MP Camera. The Streak has a 5 MP camera, but also have a front-facing camera for video conferencing.

    I use my phones more as a table than a phone. I surf the Web, use apps, take pics and videos.

    I'm stuck between these two phones. Have any of you played with the Dell Streak? What are your thoughts, which one should I buy?

    Here's a site to compare specs:
    Compare Dell Streak and HTC Inspire 4G mobile phones

    Dell's Web site for the Streak:
    Dell Streak Details | Dell

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  2. chriszzz

    chriszzz Lurker

    If you surf the web alot, the 5" screen of the Streak 5 is amazing. I played with one in the store, and the difference in the real estate is astounding. I could use that to do some heavy surfing with that.

    I compared it side by side with my Galaxy S ( which has a dazzling 4" Super AMOLED screen ). The colors are more vibrant on the Galaxy, but the Steak has it beat in terms of readability of web pages despite the same resolution. Tiny text on a web page are readable at that size, so you can see the text without having to zoom in and out, which detracts from the browsing experience.

    The Streak is still pocketable ( big but slim), but it's almost about 100g heavier than the Galaxy.

  3. kdubz22

    kdubz22 Lurker

    knubie, did you make your decision? I came across your thread because I too have been trying to decide between the two phones. I am leaning towards the Streak, but feel it must be updated to Froyo 2.2 before it can be properly evaluated. Thankfully, despite the AT&T delays releasing 2.2, there is a workaround. Without a workaround I would have likely thrown the Streak out as an option. It's my understanding that 1.6 is quite buggy (and no landscape option... wth!)

    Please let me know if you made your decision. If you got the Streak I am really interested to hear your feedback!
  4. Intruder

    Intruder Android Enthusiast

    1.6 is NOT froyo lol
  5. kdubz22

    kdubz22 Lurker

    Just a typo. Corrected. Thanks!
  6. kdubz22

    kdubz22 Lurker

    Ironically, the screen size is the appeal, and at the same time my concern... I recognize your POV as a possibility.

    The concensus seems to be the size of the screen as a pro/con. I guess I'm just going to have to go give it a shot and decide for myself. I see both sides of the argument.
  7. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    I'd like to see some other 5" phones in the future from other carriers. like the OP use my phone as a mini tab too. I have an Evo and browsing the web is fine on it but I would like more screen space to play around with. If there will be a 5" smartphone coming out this year this would eliminate me wanting to get a Tab.
  8. kdubz22

    kdubz22 Lurker

    Just picked up the Streak 5 today at BB. So far so good. The OS was upgraded to 2.2 without a hitch, but when I went back to BB to have them import my address book, I am now only finding half my contacts under the contact list. Strangely, I am finding the remaining contacts when I go to messages, try to create a new message, and search contacts (it includes all the duplicate entries thanks to the BB associate who had to try 4 times to get them imported from my old phone).

    Anyway, the 100,000 question is this... where is this complete contact list saved? Obviously it is saved somewhere, but I am having no luck finding it. I also hope I can edit this list once it is found to eliminate the dupes, and update my "phone" contact list.

    Thanks in advance!
  9. kdubz22

    kdubz22 Lurker

    A quick note... when I go to contacts, and search all contacts, I also see my entire contact list (including duplicates). I just don't seee them under normal viewing conditions.
  10. kdubz22

    kdubz22 Lurker

    Problem resolved... did what I should've done from the get-go. Saved my contacts to my sim from the old phone, did a factory rest on the Streak, and then imported the contacts via the sim.

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