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Apr 27, 2010
I thought maybe an official thread about the Inspire 4G pricing might help since what we all have seen varies so much. This thread is for off-contract pricing only as we all know that it runs $99 for new customers or for those with upgrade eligibility. Please only post official numbers and links to the source if possible. This way we all will have links that we can lay our eyes on. (Mods- if this is a waste of time, please remove.)
For anyone that doesn't get it yet:

On contract (Two-year agreement) it costs $99

Off contract it costs possibly $449, $499, maybe $549. Nobody can be sure on that one yet.

I don't have a link but I was directly quoted by a Radioshack manager that the off contract price is 449.99..

Hope it helps but if its anymore than that when I go to pick her up on Sunday ill be one pissed off mofo
[FONT=&quot]Here is the email I got from Radio Shack about pre-ordering the Inspire. This has the off-contract price of $449.99 listed on it.