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HTC Inspire stuck at the HTC booting screen.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Firecrotch219, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Firecrotch219

    Firecrotch219 Newbie
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    I used this guide to root my HTC Inspire 4g AT&T phone running v2.3.5:

    Soooo, I followed this guide very thoroughly, and then I messed up. I accidentally loaded ext4 again when trying to work around S-on. He said to boot a different loader, and I loaded ext (thinking it couldn't make a difference) and then installed the new rom from the Zip installer. Now, I am stuck with a phone that can turn on to the HTC logo, and sit there. I have held the down volume rocker and power button and it does take me to the bootloader. However, when I go to the "recovery" option, it shows a picture of a phone with a red triangle/Exclamation point combo. I cannot get it to show up when I use the "adb devices" command in cmd. I made a backup as recommended if that would help me in any way. I just need some kind of help at this point. Getting it back to stock would be 100% fine :/

    FIXED: Brian helped me in a different thread for installing a rom by flashing the image after installing it via 4EXT.

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