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Htc is a fail!

Discussion in 'HTC' started by Socrats, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Socrats

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  2. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    You need to read up on the difference between the MSM 8255 chipset and the MSM 8250 chipset, as well as the difference between Sense 2.0 and original Sense. They aren't quantum leaps forwards, but they are easily more differentiated than the 3G to 3GS were and more like 3G to 4G which was a huge jump as far as iOS is concerned.

    Samsung's laughing rights should be revoked until they stop screwing the millions of people that have US Galaxy S variants and get Froyo out.
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  3. LOL thats void augment as if he did understand it he wouldn't have posted it. But you are right he does not understand difference between 1GS vs 2GS SoC and AMD Z430(Adreno200) vs AMD Z460(Adreno205), along with power efficiency.

    The Samsung thing made me laugh lol as they are notorious for screwing the users and sticking it to them and then sell folks the same device with little update calling it new phone.
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  4. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Haha I didn't see that he was actually using that as his argument! Nice eye.

    I think our lust for tech as kind of clouded our eyes. The Incredible S has probably been in R&D for 4 or 5 months. Back then, dual cores were just becoming feasible (much like quad cores now) and there was no way that HTC could've adjusted that late in the game.

    I should amend my statement anyway, the difference between Sense and Sense 2.0 is, in itself, more than the gap between the 3G to 3GS. Point is, even though it isn't revolutionary, it is definitely a jump in the right direction.
  5. Ya your right Zero but I don't want to hijack his thread and make this whole thing about Snapdragon vs Hummingbird as I have done that extensively in XDA and AC forum. I mean honestly lol Samsung should be the last person to even be talking knowing their history to abandon people. As I said before Samsung shouldn't be allowed to make anything other than TV's as they are good at that so credit must be given far as OP goes to think HTC dropped more flagship device in every carrier's profile than any vendor, yet according to him HTC fails because he couldn't see though the Samsung BS.
  6. Guamguy

    Guamguy Android Expert

    HTC does that all the time.

    Look at HTC's five WP7 phones for example. If you look and study them closely, look at their specs, they're pretty much face lifted HTC Desire, which is a face lift Google Nexus One.

    The reason why HTC is so quick to the market with "another" phone, is that they take an existing phone and repackage it.

    Note, the Droid Incredible is a repack of the Desire.

    I said before, expect the Desire 2 to be a repackage of the MyTouch 4G. The Inspire and Thunderbolt are Desire HD repacks, in fact the Inspire uses the same case as the Desire HD.

    The Incredible S is a bit of a surprise because it is GSM and it is using 4", a screen size that is not on any HTC before. It fits between 3.7" and 4.3" which I wonder why since it doesn't strongly differentiate from the other two.

    The Wildfire S seems from the gene line that constantly reinvents itself as new since the HTC Magic. Then you got the HTC Hero, Tattoo, Legend, Aria, Gratia, Droid Eris and Wildfire and now this. Ditto with the Cha Cha. The lighted Facebook button is a reminder of the older days of HTC when you got lighted trackballs. The Salsa certainly screams "Legend" to me.

    The Cha Cha phone with the Blackberry form factor seems interesting though. Note a resemblance to an early Android prototype.

    Keep in mind, HTC is likely to have dual core phones based on the third generation Qualcomm Snapdragon possibly by summer.
  7. Socrats

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    Wow I get flamed for stating my opinion. I don't care about the difference between this processor or that processor. Making an incredible with no trackball and just minor improvements , one being the RAM is just a waste of revenue that could be put into another or better project.HTC makes a phone for one carrier , then makes minor improvements and tweaks and sells it. And as for saying samsung should stick to making tv's there tablets are already the best out, and can easily surpass the ipad or any htc tablet. And oh yea Hummingbird kicks snapdragon's ass. And if you disagree the benchmarks prove otherwise so :p
  8. Socrats

    Socrats Member
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    At least you didn't flame me. And thats why I said they failed because they are just remodelling devices and renaming.
  9. And according to benchmarks, the leap from the Desire's processor to the Desire S' processor is comparable to the leap from the Thunderbolt's processor to the Atrix's processor. If you think that is minor then your argument for a dual core is also moot since it's also a 'minor' leap from the current Snapdragons.

    I think the issue here is that HTC does not do enough to differentiate the second gen Snapdragons. Too many people are reading 1Ghz and immediately thinking there was no change.

    Again, this is a mainstream phone that's selling for 100 Euros more than the current Desire. I don't think HTC ever expected to be pitting it up against the Samsung and Motorola flagships in terms of price. Nor is it really meant as an upgrade for current Desire users, I'd say it's more geared towards new customers upgrading from their previous 2 year contracts. They now have a choice of a Desire S or a cheaper Desire.
  10. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Saying "I don't care" doesn't make it any less of a valid point. Whether you choose to accept it or not is irrelevant. The fact is, they are different processors with different performance and that's all there is to it.

    Galaxy tab better than the iPad? Absolutely not. And I can't stand Apple.

    BTW, there's one sure way to never be inconvenienced by another HTC product: don't buy them.
  11. zerocool79346

    zerocool79346 Android Expert

    Lol at your fanboism. I'm not posting a rebuttal because I know where this is going, nowhere. Your opinions do not override facts, sorry.
  12. Pencheven

    Pencheven Newbie

    What's funny is that in one instance he claims not to care about the difference between processors when choosing a product, and in the very next states a preference of processor which suggests an inclination towards choosing a product, nonsense hah
  13. According to his logic, more RAM, better processor, aluminium uni-body, Sense 2.1 = same phone.

    What else is there to a phone to upgrade? Super AMOLED Plus would be nice but there's no way Sammy would relinquish that exclusivity.
  14. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
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    Pretty positive the original desire had a super AMOLED screen on release? Could be wrong though?
  15. Partially. It was just AMOLED. Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus still remains a Sammy exclusive. Personally I'd much prefer an LCD over regular AMOLED. My Zune HD gives me headaches when I try and use it outside.
  16. You should be the last person talking about benchmark here as you seem to be little vague on the hardware itself and software is whole another ball game, but as I posted before you might want to read it so you understand it why what it seems not always what it is.


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