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HTC Legend - Need to find where lockscreen image is saved PLEASE! :)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by him1977, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. him1977

    him1977 Newbie
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    I had a nice photo of me and the gf that I converted into a background for my lockscreen using the Backgrounds app.

    Since doing that I had a problem with the SD card and had to install a new one, for some reason I don't seem to have put the pic online anywhere and the only place it now seems to exist is as my lockscreen. I therefore want to find it and save it safely somewhere.

    Can I find where it is saved? Can I heck as like!

    Obviously it's not on the SD card as that's new, searched using "lock" and get loads of clock images and little else, tried .jpg and .png searches, again no joy!

    It's somewhat frustrating to say the least and it just sits there goading me every time I go through the lockscreen!

    I even tried adding a new wallpaper throught the app to see if I could search on the details of that somehow, hoping the name would replicate into the main Legend memmory from the SD.

    No joy

    Any advice on this would be appreciated. I have Astro file manager so fingers crossed if someone knows where to look it will be that simple (doubt it though cos I have already looked in all the obvious and inobvious crannies)

    To paraphrase Princess Leia, "Help me Android Forumers, you're my only hope!"


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