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HTC Legend on Vodafone Firmware Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jc3869, May 16, 2010.

  1. jc3869

    jc3869 Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Does anyone know when the Legend firmware update 1.31.405.4 is due on Vodafone UK as this is suppose to solve the camera issue with certain apps? :thinking:


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  2. Dog_chops

    Dog_chops Member

    Probably when your contract runs out :D

    Just debrand it, I did it yesterday and I am now the proud owner of a Legend with no vodafone handcuffs at all. Phone now up to date as it should be.

    Barcode scanner installed and working....... well sort of! I scanned some KP Dry Roasted Peanuts but nothing matched up. Also scanned some Sarsons vinegar and same result :thinking::D Battery will last about 5 minutes with this new scanner toy Ha Ha!
  3. jc3869

    jc3869 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How do you debrand the Legend then????
  4. Dog_chops

    Dog_chops Member

    How do you rate your computer skills?? Its a bit tricky for a novice. I had to go between two instruction lists. There is a decent video on it too. Google "HTC Legend unbrand" its all there.

    Tip - Down load the new frimware first as it is about 122MB, but dribbles down the pipes (think it is restricted) any of the link at the bottom of the link below work. Follow everything line by line.

    Tutorial: debrand your Legend ;) (Firmware europe WWE_1.23.405.1 + update 1.31.405.4) - xda-developers

    Make a "goldcard" If you have a spare micro SD card use it. I had a 4GB Kingston one which worked fine. That "Goldcard" which I made now sit in the phone with all my music on etc. I transferred all the stuff off my 2GB one provided with the phone on to the 4 GB card.

    Things that will become obvious - You wipe out any apps you had. Make a note of what you have before you do it - I didnt :(. All your home screens, the way you had it setup goes. You basically have a phone as if purchased from HTC. Happy Days. 100% recommended.

    The only squeaky bum time is the final part when you see the phone switching on an off, but when you hear the phone switch on and the white screen with HTC on then a pleasant welcome tune from HTC with "quietly brilliant" scrolling along..... you know you have cracked it.

    Good luck. Let me know how you get on.
  5. DarkestDreams

    DarkestDreams Newbie

    I was really lucky with this; my first (vodafone branded) Legend kept crashing, but the replacement they gave me was unbranded. It's much, much better now, definitely worth debranding it if you can.
  6. eddyhall

    eddyhall Lurker

    Hi there,

    The firmware update is avilable now. i just downloaded and updated and all seems to be present and correct.


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