HTC Legend or HTC HD2 ?

Should I buy the HTC Legend, or the HD2 ? I like Android 2.1 but the 1Ghz Snap Draggon Processer on the HD2 and also it has more RAM than the Legend. But the Legend just looks fantastic. Please help!



HD2 is Windows mobile based, so all that extra memory and processor will be wasted on a sluggish operating system. Wouldn't touch a WiMo based phone until the major revision of the whole OS appears late this year.

Not to mention It's massive compared to the legend!

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+1 to Bootsock's comments.

Windows Mobile? *ICK!! *huRL.

Plus, it's HUGEEE. Which.. is a good thing if you want that size screen, but bad for almost everything else.

If you care about the 1Ghz so much, why not just get the Desire? It doesn't look nearly as cool as the Legend but it'll be more bang for your buck than an HD2.

PS. I assume you've posted this same question on some HD2 forum? As we here are mostly Legend boys/gals, so our answers may be.. ever so slightly skewed. :)