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HTC Locations

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SimonM123, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. SimonM123

    SimonM123 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but has anyone found a way of getting HTC Locations (released with the Desire HD) to run on the standard Desire? I would love to be able to cache maps, this would preserve juice and data allowance.

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  2. partridge

    partridge Android Enthusiast

    It's hoped that when the new Sense UI is released for the Desire all these goodies will arrive too. The latest rumour is December for the Sense update, but nothing's been 100% confirmed
  3. AndroDiego

    AndroDiego Lurker

    Why do you want locations on your desire? I'm trying hard to get red of it on my Desire S. HTCs locations navigations is quite unprecise and does not find may smaller places and addresses. To pay for that, is a loss of money. I use CoPilot Premium, it costs more, but brings me to where I want to, even to "unsignificant" locations (as my home is). There are other options as well ...

    This is what I posted to HTC:
    "I'm a HTC customer since the first android phones came out, and hundreds of friends of mine bought a an HTC Android device because of my recommendation. Until spring I was very satisfied with all HTC devices.

    Yet a great frustration came up, since HTC forced its users to use the built in maps and navigation tools.

    First they did this as a responds to selecting an address out of the contacts, now they even start "locations" and its built in navigation on car docking. Newly there is no way to circumvent the call of "locations", which ask for paying a licence for the navigation tool each time.

    Firstly: I payed for my smart phone, and its my own decision if I want or not getting additional payed software for it.
    Secondly: The build in navigation is terrible as compared to others, like CoPilot, etc. (it does not find my home, while Google and CoPilot find most places)
    Thirdly: When in car I want to use my own car dock home, and certainly not "locations"

    The Android OS has a built in mechanisme, that permits users to choose theire prefered services for certain functionalities, such as navigating to a place, etc.. It's not fair by HTC to disable this mechanisme just force theire navigation solution.

    After having contacted HTC several times for this problem, getting no answers what so ever (standard support cannot do much in this place), and experiencing that each firmware upgrade does even make it tougher to find a work around, I'll probably discontinue buying HTC devices, unless HTC changes policy.

    Please note that HTC became what it is today mainly by the open source OS Android, but what they do now contradicts Open Source policy completely.

    In my country it is illegal to force customers to post-sell charges, that are not declared in first place. This is what HTC is doing now - so I will return all my, and my kids devices still under warranty if there is not a solution in the next three weeks.

    Maybe this public post, will move HTC towards a change - this is my hope"
  4. pdkandroid

    pdkandroid Lurker

    Since I had my desire s , after updating the os to 2.3.5 one of the working windows has location running always. The accuracy of my position is good to about a kilometer (totally unacceptable). I have updated my map of South Africa. I can run the app with gps on + wireless + link google nav with htc location set.
    It shows parking accurately in my area. However shopping , dinning etc are totally useless.
    I also contacted htc , they suggest I go back to factory defaults. A pretty stupid suggestion. I am still communicating with them.
    And yes , if you can the map application , it just comes back again.
    Just adding this comment to add to the murmurs of discontent

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