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HTC Locations

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sonesh, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I've just got my Desire HD and found HTC locations, however having used it and found a few problems, I'm struggling to find any information about it on the internet, hence this thread...

    I've only used it once, and it seems like a nice offline alternative to Google maps, however I can't decide if its worth paying the

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  2. sonesh

    sonesh Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Also, if anyone knows of any websites that talk about it (other than the fact its made by Tomtom), would be greatly appreciated
  3. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    Moved to Desire HD section.
  4. SithSurfer

    SithSurfer Well-Known Member

  5. cyberpedz

    cyberpedz Newbie

    I have read a few bits hear and there about it not actually being that great like not re routing you if you take a wrong turn, causing lag on phone etc etc.
  6. skimminstones

    skimminstones Android Enthusiast

    Used it today for a 40 min journey. Seems good enough. rerouted me quickly and maps were pretty clear. Not sure ill bother paying though as ive already got sygic mcguider and google nav on the phone.
  7. trezquark

    trezquark Lurker

    I purchased the Southern Africa Premium Navigation upgrade for HTC Locations only to find out that unlike Garmin or NDrive they have no idea what Southern Africa is. It only contains South Africa. And they do not want to refund.
    As a nav application it is quite good, but support from HTC is I can only rate as -100.

    Please be very sure that the region you purchase covers what is needed as they do not know their geography well. Go for NDrive
  8. john_g

    john_g Android Enthusiast

    Google Maps 5 was released yesterday and might now be a better solution for you. This is, according to Google, because they have switched to using vector graphics which allow the caching of maps on your device, removing the need for a constant connection. It's not the same as a full offline system, and I've not really tested it out, but initial impressions are good.

    Check out the Google blog:
    Official Google Mobile Blog
  9. lucioferro

    lucioferro Lurker

    If you plan to change you cell phone to a new one, don't buy any htc location license. The htc location license uses the cell phone IMEI. So, if you change your phone, you lose your licenses.

    I talk with HTC about that... and they answered:
    "If you changed to another phone, you need to buy the license again.. We are so sorry for your inconvenience. Actually there are some 3rd party GPS software on Android Market. You can have a look at them first."
  10. bb88

    bb88 Lurker

    In my recent emails to HTC about HTC Locations and Google Maps, they constantly gave out incorrect information and kept apologizing for their mis-information given. They attitude is ok, but they need to be re-trained.
  11. AndroDiego

    AndroDiego Lurker

    This is what I posted to HTC, being convinced that theire navigation is not what I need (my advice being: do not buy and let HTC know you don't agree with theire policy):

    "I'm a HTC customer since the first android phones came out, and hundreds of friends of mine bought a an HTC Android device because of my recommendation. Until spring I was very satisfied with all HTC devices.

    Yet a great frustration came up, since HTC forced its users to use the built in maps and navigation tools.

    First they did this as a responds to selecting an address out of the contacts, now they even start "locations" and its built in navigation on car docking. Newly there is no way to circumvent the call of "locations", which ask for paying a licence for the navigation tool each time.

    Firstly: I payed for my smart phone, and its my own decision if I want or not getting additional payed software for it.
    Secondly: The build in navigation is terrible as compared to others, like CoPilot, etc. (it does not find my home, while Google and CoPilot find most places)
    Thirdly: When in car I want to use my own car dock home, and certainly not "locations"

    The Android OS has a built in mechanisme, that permits users to choose theire prefered services for certain functionalities, such as navigating to a place, etc.. It's not fair by HTC to disable this mechanisme just force theire navigation solution.

    After having contacted HTC several times for this problem, getting no answers what so ever (standard support cannot do much in this place), and experiencing that each firmware upgrade does even make it tougher to find a work around, I'll probably discontinue buying HTC devices, unless HTC changes policy.

    Please note that HTC became what it is today mainly by the open source OS Android, but what they do now contradicts Open Source policy completely.

    In my country it is illegal to force customers to post-sell charges, that are not declared in first place. This is what HTC is doing now - so I will return all my, and my kids devices still under warranty if there is not a solution in the next three weeks.

    Maybe this public post, will move HTC towards a change - this is my hope"
  12. apie

    apie Lurker

    I have HTC Locations running on my Desire HD. It pops up randomly and very freakin regularly, while I am busy doing other stuff more often than not. I don't need the navigation app and I am definitely not going to pay for it. I am torn between cyanogenmod and rooting my HTC to uninstall the application. Has anyone found a solution to this issue? Driving my nuts! :|
  13. Dahnhilla

    Dahnhilla Lurker

    I've also got this problem.
    Last time it did it (march 2011) I reset the phone to factory settings (it was laggy and needed a reset anyway) and it solved the problem. It hasn't happened since.
    It started doing it again recently so I reset the phone again and it's still doing it.
    Any soloutions that don't require rooting my phone would be appreciated.
  14. Dahnhilla

    Dahnhilla Lurker

    I found http://androidforums.com/3118140-post25.html this post and by putting a little pressure on the cable as described in the post it seems to have sorted the issue.

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