HTC m8 Revert to Latest Stock ROM


Hi All

I'm in the UK and I have an m8 which I originally bought through T-Mobile.

I've unlocked the phone, but now I want to put the latest HTC ROM on, and ensure it's pulling its updates from HTC not T-Mobile. The phone is going to my wife so ideally I want to remove all apps and data from it at the same time.

What's the best path to go down for this? I've found the ROMs on the HTC site although they are marked as US rather than Europe or UK.



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You may be able to find newer RUUs on the web, but htc themselves usually only post (some) US carrier ones.

However, to install anything other than the carrier ROM is you have a carrier handset you'll need to be "S-Off", which means learning about the sort of modifications people do to root phones (S-Off itself is different from root, but some S-Off tools require the phone to be rooted first). If you don't want to mess with modifying the phone then you can only use the RUU (ROM Upgrade Utility) that matched your phone's original reguon/carrier.